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Simple Plan Experience?

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    Simple Plan Experience?
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    (29 Dec '11)

    I just got a Simple Plan Autographed Poster for Christmas and I went to their concert. Tell me your best memories!!!!!!!

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on December 29, 2011 - 9:45pm

I just got a Simple Plan Autographed Poster for Christmas and I went to their concert. Tell me your best memories!!!!!!!

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The best experience Id say would be, Giving a homemade GYHO pin to Sebastien, him thanking me by giving me a pick...Sebastien wearing it since then (June 2011), and also giving all five guys a Simple Plan South Park calendar I drew, and Pierre saying "Wow! This has to be one the most awesome gift that a fan has ever given us!" :)

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I follow them since their beginning, and my best experience is their concert, that was so wonderful, so magic...Just want to see them once again ans again and again because I love them !

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Also a funny thing from my first show I saw with them. I was in row 2 and I got Pierre's water bottle in my head and water all over me and he saw it and just laughed. LOL It almost happened this last show too. He missed me by 0.5m even though I was not in the first couple of rows.

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Best experience was def this last Tuesday (April 17th) when I got to meet them at the soundcheck party in Stockholm. Got to show them my SP tattoo, take pictures and David said I smelled good and that he liked my hair/style :) It was also amazing the day after when Chuck wrote to me on twitter after he read my blog post about the show and said that it was awesome plus some more things :)

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last night in Lille, I was near to the stage, so when David jumped into the crowd i got to touch him!!! I also received water on me when him and Pierre spited all the water they had in their mouth haha And the best part was meeting/ talking to them after the show !!! I kissed David and Pierre, Chuck seemed very moved when i told him i've been waiting 8 hours outside while it was hailing !! They are soooooooo nice, so much more than i could imagine !!!!

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I had 3 soundcheck parties in germany in march and a lot of amazing memories. but the best thing happened last friday in strasbourg somewhere in the crowd during the skrillex show. I bumped into david and we tried to talk to each but it was to loud to understand a single word so i asked him with hand signals to go out.. he smiled at me and followed me outside. it was less noisy there and he realized finally that i'm not talking in french to him. hehe.. we talked about this and that and then i told him that i have to hug him 3 times instead of my friends. he smiled at me with the biggest smile i have ever seen and so i got to hug him 3 times and every single time he pulled me a little bit closer. My knees got weak and i still get goosebumps!! David is just amazing!

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yesterday I got to hug pierre, seb and chuck at the soundcheck party, picture with all except jeff;( (and picture with david is so unclear that you can't see almost anything in it, but still) and all of them signed my t-shirt(:

when I saw them I started to cry, and then I was like "can I hug you, Pierre" and he said "sure". I rushed to hug him and he said "ouch" and everyone laughed:DDDDDDD I started crying again 'cause it was so perfect. And I talked with Chuck a bit, HE IS SO HOT. And David, Seb and Jeff as well! they were all too perfect omg

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FIRST - Sydney, Australia rooftop in 2008. Won 2 tickets to see their acoustic show...It was amazing, we had yummy food, they played an amazing set, they signed everything and took millions of photos, Pierre played Twister with a fan and cut her hair, Chuck and Pierre answered true or false while on trampolines and we got the album for FREE!!!!
SECOND - Sydney, Australia Enmore 2011. Soundcheck, squished on barrier, touching Pierre sooooo many times. But the greatest was when Pierre held my hand, crouched down on stage while looking into my eyes..I turned in a giggling fan girl after that LOVED IT!!! Oh and Everytime, was so emotional, goosebumps, Pierre is amazing!
Can not wait for their tour this year!!

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desrosiersxjett: that is the cutest picture I have ever seen!! I love it!!!

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getting to meet them and cuddle them at the soundcheck party in Brisbane australia last year then getting to go in the front row of mosh pit and stand right infront of david and jeff was amazing that night too because pierre stood on our side of the stage alot and he stood right infront off me at the front of the stage at one point and hugged me again (he also did the same thing in sound check whilst preforming summer paridise so i got three hugs from him for the whole night) he also looked at me a few times and held my hand which was amazing to oh and when david jumped into the crowed and jumped ontop of me to get to the middle of the crowed cause i was at the front

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I have never met them or been to a show... but it was awesome to join SPCrew and get all the cool stuff, and when I pre-ordered GYHO and Jeff sent me a personal thank you. And I interviewed Pierre for my blog, he mostly yelled at me for speaking so quietly, but it was still awesome

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When I had their autograph in Quebec before the show !

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my best memry was on my 8th show . David took me on stage, kissed me and gave me his bass due to Stop dreaming start playing

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haha my best memorie was when i went to their concert this 18/11/11 mexico
but they didnt talk to me ;(
anyway it was the best day of my life!!!!!

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Hhmm, mine would have to be when David stage dived! LOld it was awsome ! And I got to meet marianas trench! Wildest concert Eva!