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How Simple Plan has helped you in your life?

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    How Simple Plan has helped you in your life?
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    (11 May '11)

    They helped me a lot with their songs and quotes  in a lot of hard moments but the first time that they helped me was when I was 11 almost 12 years old , I guess that this story I can share with other SP fans ... I had problems with my dad u-u , he always said me that I was a shame,that all that I did was stupid and well I didn´t have a good relation with him... Simple Plan helped me a lot in that moment, they gave me strenght ...sometimes i swear that I thought that life was unfair and a lot of stupid things (Death)... but SP.. oh man, they made that day after day I changed my mind, Now I feel stronger ,  Everytime I pass difficult moments SP is there ,I´m not alone anymore :) I have an awesome band that everyday makes me smile <3 and an amazing SPfamily that always support me .

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on May 11, 2011 - 10:47pm

They helped me a lot with their songs and quotes  in a lot of hard moments but the first time that they helped me was when I was 11 almost 12 years old , I guess that this story I can share with other SP fans ... I had problems with my dad u-u , he always said me that I was a shame,that all that I did was stupid and well I didn´t have a good relation with him... Simple Plan helped me a lot in that moment, they gave me strenght ...sometimes i swear that I thought that life was unfair and a lot of stupid things (Death)... but SP.. oh man, they made that day after day I changed my mind, Now I feel stronger ,  Everytime I pass difficult moments SP is there ,I´m not alone anymore :) I have an awesome band that everyday makes me smile <3 and an amazing SPfamily that always support me .

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When I was younger I was bullied and that still affeacts me today at 26 years old. Becuase of that I have hardly no friends if I do make friends with someone it takes me a long while to fully trust them. Everytime I feel like I want to run away from my problems I turn on Simple Plan. This year of the first of January my mum died. For the first few weeks after her death I mostly played Simple Plan. Even now months latter I have nights I have to turn to my ipod to get to sleep. I turn on This Song Saved My Life by Simple Plain. Simple Plan makes me feel like I have them to turn to like extra brothers. Simple Plan is my life and always will be.

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i have got a lot of things going on... i put up with bullying, child abuse from my rents and many other terrible things and i have to admit my only escape was simple plan!!! there downbeat lyrics i could relate to but the fact that they put such lyrics with such upbeat music made me realize life suck a lot but there are always ways to look past the bad stuff and be happy... i cant begin to count how many times i resorted to suicide but simple plan showed me an alternative. Thank you SP! you guys have saved my life so many times and i cant begin to think about where i would be without you!!!

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SP has been my big brother since the 1st song, i can relate sooo much to every lyric, thanx so much, u guys saved me.

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Some of their songs really helped me going through tough times. For example, a few years ago I argued with my father everyday, and I didn't want to come home anymore. Shut up helped me not to go away from my house, because I knew there were other people who felt that way. Astronaut also has helped me a few months ago, at a time when my life was not that easy. Others songs made me realize what was really happening in the world, like Crazy. They made me opened my eyes on several subjects, such as relationships. Everytime I'm sad, depressed, nervous or angry I know I they're here, I put on my earphones and jhust forget everything.

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Yeah they helped me a lot and it started when I was about in 4th grade. In 4th grade I got bullied a lot and so i looked up who sang the "I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare" song on Google. ( No joke that is what i wrote) I came up as simple plan, and after that i started to listen to their songs. And I got lost in the songs and after that the bullying has not stopped and they contuine to help me through my problems.

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i very much agree with you. my mom calls me the same thing everyday. my mom and dad also think that most things i do or want to do is stupid or makes me a "loser." After everything that happens day after day i go to my room and turn on SP very loud and all my problems go away. they have helped my since i was like 11.

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Pour moi, le groupe a écrit des chansons qui m’ont beaucoup touchées! Welcome To My Life, Gone Too Soon, Untitled. J'ai vécu beaucoup de chose, même traumatismes, qui ont été un vrai calvaire à vivre. Les gars, les chasons que j'ai nommé, surtout Welcome to my life, résume qu'est-ce qu'elle est ma vie ou qu'est-ce que j'ai vécu.
Peut-être que beaucoup de Fans disent la même chose, mais croyez-si parce que l'une ou plusieurs d'entre elle on déjà mis leur vie en danger à cause de qu'est-ce qui on vécu!
La vie est courte et y faut en profiter, mais sans la musique, j'aurais peut-être pas continuer!
Merci les gars de faire vivre votre passion aux jeunes, pour moi ça me redonne de l'espoir, car je ne suis pas la seule à vivre ça et peut-être la moins pire d'entre eux.

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don't worry, you're not the only one, my parents always say that to me every day and i just turn on my music very loud and i forget my problems :) there is when simple plan comes out and makes me stronger and makes me forget my problems and makes me realize that one day, i'm gonna do something or i'm gonna be someone that my parents would be proud but i gonna still the same 'idiot', 'shame', 'trouble', 'rebel' and 'weird' girl (like they say) and i never gonna give up on my dreams or my toughs, just a simple song makes me fell like i'm in the good way and i'm not like my parents and that makes me very proud of myself n_n

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SP give me strength through tough moments such as discussions with my family , best ex-friends being assholes and bitches... they made me feel i'm not alone. they help me through everything i'm going through. even just thinking about them makes me feel better

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They always manage to make my day better and lift my spirits. I don't know how they do it,but they do! Sometimes,just thinking about them makes me feel SO much better :D

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Oh, I was searching for such a topic, now I found it!

Since I know Simple Plan, many things changed in my life. I made new friends, who are now my best friends, cause they are real friends, I never had before in my entire life. Sounds crazy, but it's true..

When I have tough times in my life, I just have to listen to their music and I feel better. There's always a song, that fits.

Watching their vlogs or reading their tweets (especially Davids and Sebs tweets) always make me laugh, cause they are funny.

Watching live videos on YouTube impresses me so much again and again, it motivates me to go on with fighting in my life and never give up, cause you can see, that it is worth it, to work hard on things.

And watching them live in concerts and meeting them afterwards shows me, that I made the right choice with being a fan of them. They are nice and cool guys, who do a brilliant job on stage, they are almost perfect and you can see so much passion and love for music! I love music as well, so I can share this love with them! :-)

In some way Simple Plan really changed my life!

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i've always been shy and had the typicals teenage problems: i wanted to be skinny, i had big arguments with my parents and stuff life that. you know what were my medicines? listen to Crazy and Perfect. end of the story. SP rock!!!

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Omg… ale, I had exactly the same problem than you (well… in fact I still have it) and there were sometimes that I felt… alone, because my parents (specially my dad) HATE my boyfriend, my bestfriends (boy &girl) and… in fact, I consider myself a “strong girl” but with this were times that I felt so fu***ing bad, when I started to listen SP I felt for the first time that someone said what I felt in words, and I like to write, so it was, kind… OMFG! THEY CAN SAY WHAT I FEEL IN WORDS! Now, i inspire myself and try to say what I feel… but, I can swear that without SP i wouldnt be who i am

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:´) It's beautiful to read all this stories know how SP helped bunch of people :´) I swear I´m so proud of be their fan #SP4ever

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the songs of SP helped me to a very dark period in my live.... when i was a teenager i wanted to die because everything in my live was a mess.... my dad hated me and told me all the time.... my best and only true friend betrayed me and the person who made me feel like i could get trough it all broke up with me after his parents made him choose between me or his family.... i felt really alone and didn't want to go on with my life and than i heard the song welcome to my life and started listening to other SP songs and they got me trough.... i knew i was not alone in how i felt and they gave me hope.... now i'm happy, enjoying my life (found a new soul mate, have great friends and even my relationship with my dad is improving) so i'm very great full that back than i could relate to the songs of SP and that they played a big part in the fact that i decided not to kill myself....

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simple plan helped me to understand there were other people feeling what i was feeling, i was not alone, and i could get through it. it just is an escape from ignorant people in my life who don't know how to appreciate everything they've got when i have less than them and i appreciate it (crazy).

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Well, my godson commited suicide at the age of 17, almost 4 years ago. Just several weeks before "Simple Plan" came out. The song "Save you" made me cry a lot at the beginning, it just felt right listening to the song and letting out all my pain. Even at the concert in Zürich, I cried when Pierre sung it. But after some time, I could listen to it without all that pain.
Some other songs give me strength and joy. I love to listen to the albums when I come home from work. It's like a rite to start well with my private time.

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simple plan has helped me alot in my life.. i also have problems with my dad and stuff.. and the songs "welcome to my life" and "me against the world" are basically like my theme songs

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i agree with you! i don't nave problems with my dad, i just have so many problems with my know the song Thank You? well, i dedicated that song to all my's hard to trust people..sorry bout that..but SP help me through a lot..thanks guys!

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They help we go through life, they help me have fun and I met all my best friends because of them!

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Sp music made my life funnier:). I loved when the first time I saw the mv of "Welcome to My Life".
Thanks Pierre, Seb, David, Jeff & Chuck for making Simple Plan. I love you so much

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Over the past few years I have had 3 very important people in my life pass away. the first was a close friend who passed from melinoma and to this day I can't listen to Meet You There without thinking about her cuz I listened to that song on repeat when I got the news. The second was my great grandma who passed from breast cancer and my cousin who committed suicide 6 months ago. For them...I can NOT listen to Save You without crying. It was comforting to have music that I could relate to in these situations...something to just sit and cry with.

I have had the oppertunity to meet these guys MANY times, and they are actually THE 5 nicest guys I have ever met. I'm 24(+2 :)) now and I can STILL relate to their music and they STILL hold a place very close to me.

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When I was younger I used to listen to SP once a week, it wasn't that important to me. But one year ago I started listening them again and I found a "home" there. Really, they helped me when I was sad, when I felt like nobody cared about me... They're my life... When my parents got divorced and when I fought with my sisters or friends, I was really sad. I even tought about suicide once. I thought I was alone in this world and should be dead. But I realized that when I heard Pierre's voice I felt better and I wasn't alone at all. They keep me holding on, they love them, they're are my world and I'd be lost without them. So thanks Pierre, David, Chuck, Seb & Jeff for being here with me everytime, everyday...

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Simple Plan's music has helped me go through every good and bad time. Just Around The Corner and Untitled helped me with the recent passing of my uncle, showing me that just when I think I'm about to fall apart, something good will find me, and that I'm not the only one going through something hard. Through good and bad, music has always been there with me, never criticising or trying to change me. It's been my rock, something to keep me holding on to everything around me. When I got the chance to be in the video for Jet Lag, the smile never left my face. And it still hasn't. Knowing that there are amazing people like Sebastien, David, Pierre, Chuck and Jeff tell me tthat the world still has some good in it, and that being persistent and never giving up can get me to where I want to go. Thank you Simple Plan for doing what you love and helping people around the world.

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I had a very deep depression last year, and everytime I heard Welcome To My Life I though that song was just telling my life and I cried with it. And whenever I see the Crazy videoclip and I see the teen that's writting stuff about suicide I think about all the bad moments which I had to go through, and I didn't have anyone to help me, so I kept listening to SP. And still when I had that drepession I heard Just Around The Corner and that song gave me so much hope...
Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish...

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I've been a fan of Simple Plan since I was 11. Their music has been with me through everything and it continues to be. They are the ones that peaked my interest in playing my own music. The first song I ever learned how to play on guitar was I'm Just a Kid. They have helped to make me into the person I am today. I have bonded with people over the love of their music and made some great friends from that. When ever I am sad, or angry I listen to Simple Plan and I feel like everything is going to be alright. There music is always there and it always will be for me! :)'s picture

I've been listening to Simple Plan since I was 12, so they've helped me through growing up & really just through life in general. I don't know where I'd be without SP. Feeling alone is the worst feeling in the world, and their songs made me realize I wasn't the only one dealing with problems like mine. When I listen to their music, I feel like everything is going to be okay. :] I can listen to them whether I’m happy and feeling really good about life or I’m pissed off & I want to shut the world out. There’s always a Simple Plan song for every emotion I feel & every experience I go through.

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It is incredible how these guys can describe every single stage of my life and every single thought put into songs. These guys helped me so much in middle school when I felt out of place, and still when I feel like that I listen to their music and it makes me feel nothing matters and I should keep on going and just be myself. They helped me through my hardest year in 2008, me and my best friend at that time fought so much we stopped talking, Time To Say Goodbye got me out of my depression because I felt so alone I didn't have someone to talk to. Later that year my mom was diagnosed with cancer (she told me the same date the Save You video came out) and Save You made me feel much better about my mom situation and helped me to keep strong and do everything for my mom to feel happy. I couldn't have chosen a better favorite band, which songs I can relate to.

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Simple Plan have always been my favorite band, I have always loved their talent in writing songs: I often joke, saying the guys must be spying on me, 'cause every single word they have written describes me from head to toe :)
The love I feel for them got special when I went to see them in Camden in '08: I was in London, my birthplace, that I had to leave when I was little, and I've always suffered from this feeling of not belonging where I actually live; I was with my mom, the best person on the face of Earth, and we just had got through the roughest time of our lives. We were in our town, seeing live those five guys whose song tell you to "leave the past in the past, gonna find the future": from that night, everything about them got so special, words can hardly describe it. :)

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SP music makes me smile when I'm sad, it helps me to find my way. It makes me jump all the time, laugh and gives me strength. Sometimes it's like someone understand me, understand how I feel, that's so great. I live with SP music since I'm 13, and I don't want it to stop. :D