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    (11 May '11)

    Hey Fans,


    We created this category to hear what you think about the site.  Are you guys enjoying cellstream, the music page, and being able to upload content?  Are there features you would like us to add?  Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated.  Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at


    - The SP WebCrew

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on May 11, 2011 - 4:10pm

Hey Fans,


We created this category to hear what you think about the site.  Are you guys enjoying cellstream, the music page, and being able to upload content?  Are there features you would like us to add?  Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated.  Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at


- The SP WebCrew

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I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

carolina_12's picture

amO simple Plan EcUADor lOJa :)

Joey_4's picture

Come to southern California again!!

Jellybean's picture

Hi...... A little disapointed that you will only go to the east coast of Australia. What about the West Coast?? Please come to Perth......

jessie Cookie Chamings's picture

hey, my name is hessie.. i really want to know when simple Plan is coming back to Adeliade!!!! does anyone know.?

vita life's picture

I just don't know if I can look and comment on discussion from my ipod. If its not possible can you possible make it?

MC_BB_TEENY's picture

why does other comments are not yet post. i post five times,

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Thank you for such a great concert put on in Toronto at the Air Canada Center!!!! Love the band. My girlfriend and I had an amazing time!!

sp182's picture

a de ser algo deficil tantas cosas que expresar y ser limitados

GA280494's picture

Hi, first of all, sorry for any english errors, I am brazilian, and don't speak english really well...

So... i don't know if I am sending this message in the right place, but I don't found any way to talk directly to the band or their management, and I really don't know if you can help me, but it is VERY important for me... i want to impress a girl that I like very much, and she loves Simple Plan... I want to know if it's possible to do something special for her, something unique, to really touch her heart... I don't know exactly what, 'cos I don't know if the band can do something like this for a fan... but, please, if it's possible, send me a message.
One thing that I thought, if is possible, is post something in the home page of the site, just one day, or for a few hours, with her name, and some message, just to make something special to her and show that i really loves her... I really want to prove this for her, and it's the most amazing thing that I can do for her!

Thanks for the attention,

k4yl31gh-x's picture

Pierre, could i please have your permission to recored Save You to raise money for The Motor Neurone Disease Assotiation, My Grandad has it, It is devastating, i want to raise awareness, Please help me to do this :)
Imagine this...if you dare,
Picture the world I’m about to share,
Heaven forbid this should ever be you,
Lucky for me, I’m imagining too
Imagine your muscles don’t follow commands,
You can’t move your shoulders, you elbows, your hands,
You can’t scratch an itch on the end of your nose,
You might feel a cramp, but can’t wiggle your toes,
In your past you were physical, vibrant and strong,
In control of your future, whereas now how you long...
To cuddle your first born, it’s only a dream,
And despite your frustration, you can’t even scream
Your voice up’d and left you, now years ago...
Which makes speaking to loved ones incredibly slow,
You must spell with your eyes on a board, every word...
And must catch someone’s gaze if you want to be heard.
Every breath’s a real effort, and there’s always that fear,
That a friend, well intentioned, might bring a cold near,
Could your malnourished body fight off one more cough?
Or is it the next one that might finish you off
You remember the feelings, to stand, and to walk...
To eat and to taste, to swallow, to talk...
Feel the touch of your lover, their breath in your ear,
You used to be private, slim chance now I fear
Are you getting the picture, is it making you sad?
Is the story I’m telling you making you glad?
You can eat, talk and swallow, walk, breathe, play with such ease....
You aren’t living...or dying...of Motor Neurone Disease
....It's just my thoughts!!!
My email is...
Thank you xx

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Simple Plan, help me please! I need the biography of the band for a school project
my email is

Alexiia Leticia's picture

Hello!! The site is amazing!! I want to see you here, in Rio de Janeiro!! Love ú guys!!

Aastha's picture

its great! :)

Corine's picture

ur'll should shoot the new summer paradise feat.sean paul video in india......

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There's just one thing I'm asking for (especially for all the SPCrew members and for those like me who speak other languages):
I had a doubt, which I saw other members had too. We would like you to explain us clearlier how the "soundcheck parties" thing works, for example: Can every member join them? Do we have to do anything to be allowed to entry them? Are there soundcheck parties before every single show? Can underage members be accompanied from elder brothers/sisters/other relatives who are not official members,instead of parents?
Thank you!

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Hi, i need tickets for Munich 24.03.12 for my unhappy daughter. who can help me? Thanks

Anah Rosas's picture

I LOVE U SIMPLE PLAN XD Plz come back to San Diego soon

phandy loverz simple plan's picture


phandy loverz simple plan's picture


Cristian Gable's picture

I love this band too just like alot of u.Appreciate all the lovin' on facebook when i added about what i think about this awesome band.appreciate it.

phandy loverz simple plan's picture

ilove you simple plan

marina_10's picture

i love everything you do.. i heard your song Perfect when i was sad.. and i felt better.. i heard your song Welcome To My Life when i was down, and i feel better every time I listen to it.. i wanna thank you for your music, cause you are like my best friend, when she isn't with me...

love all your music and love all you!

maeangelyn's picture

i love your songs, i love the sounds...maybe putting your original chords here or lessons of how to play your songs will be one of the best features here...please...

RUSTA's picture

Love the site, love the music, love the band.
I have suggestion for your site.
I am a fellow musician and I'm always trying to figure out how to play your songs.
I have some of your songbooks, but I can't play your newer material.
Maybe you could add tabs or step by step videos of how to play your songs.
I know that someone like me could really benefit from that.

Ruby Ruby Ruby's picture

please come back mexico again. u_u

Camila_12's picture

The web site is perfect. But what I wanna say is that you really need to play more times in Latin America guys! Mainly in Brazil,where Simple Plan fan club is very big,we love your songs and all of you.Please come back to Brazil soon!!!!!!!!!!

JiMeNa's picture

i wanna see you in mexico!!!

Sonia's picture

Hey, c'est cool le nouveau site du Fan Club !!! Merci pour le petit message de bienvenue en Français....c'est gentil de votre part !!! J'vous adore et j'ai hâte de vous voir à Montréal :D

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Heyy, my name is Amy and I'm crazy bout Simple Plan! I love their music and videos!
I would love to See them in concert, but i can never find Australia on their tour dates!
My friends and I would love to see you guys a lot!!!!