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    (11 May '11)

    Hey Fans,


    We created this category to hear what you think about the site.  Are you guys enjoying cellstream, the music page, and being able to upload content?  Are there features you would like us to add?  Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated.  Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at


    - The SP WebCrew

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on May 11, 2011 - 4:10pm

Hey Fans,


We created this category to hear what you think about the site.  Are you guys enjoying cellstream, the music page, and being able to upload content?  Are there features you would like us to add?  Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated.  Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at


- The SP WebCrew

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Rosario_Barrales_M's picture

Guys You're amazing
We love You

KarlaMadden's picture

The concert was awesome guys1!!!!!!

Darkinsidelg's picture

Excellent! I love his music and like going to play very soon hopefully Santiago, excellent site!

Laura.14's picture

I love this site and love with all my heart to Simple Plan! :) And they're coming to Colombia, Bogota DC to give a concert at the Majestic Twon Down ... but my soul is shattered, children are only allowed over 14 years and I have 12, do not know if maybe there was a way be accompanied by an adult, and so let me go! really love them! Simple Plan describes my life and how I feel and I would feel terrible to know that I had the opportunity of meeting you! realy now would i like to create a time machine and be 18 years ... if you give me some information, I thank you! And thanks for giving me all those afternoons full of reflections and smiles, I appreciate you Simple Plan! <3

lele costa sp's picture

Come to Minas Gerais in Brazil. Speak to David that I have a gift for him!

accm's picture

If I were in your place, even if people told me that everyday, it would always be good to hear it again, so here it goes. Your songs are like a home to me. They are like a support. When I hear your songs I feel like I was listening to my own thoughts, I feel understood. I found great hearts on you and that gives me hope, makes me believe that there are more people who really care about others. By the way, it's at you that many people resort, you are the ones that helps them. You really should be proud of who you are, of your work and of the amazing way that you make music. You have a wonderful gift. So thank you. Thanks for all your work, for fighting for your dreams and for have managed bring it all to us. Thank you. "Your songs saved my life."

JuanJose's picture

hey SP!! i m from Peru, and i like your music !

cyndicaro76's picture

Hi! I really love your music. I especially love the french versions. I however am from the US.. Dallas, TX to be exact. I'm having trouble buying an album here with the french version included. Is there anyway you can direct me of a site where I can purchase the album with the french version?
~Thank you... Cyndi

youstillsuck's picture

HI EVERYONE. This thread was made for giving feedback about this site - it won't be read by the band members so shut up about stuff related to the band. Also, the SP WebCrew have no idea when they will tour your country so..... PLEASE.

McFan's picture

Hi! The page is great, love your music! I just wanted to say that I'm so proud to be a fan. Your music has helped me through so mutch. Sometimes it feels like you write your songs to me, because it feels so right when I hear them and they make me feel so good.
You can hear how much energy you have put into your songs and that makes me feel proud to call myself a Simple Plan fan. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.
I hope you're coming back to Sweden soon! Is there any chance that you guys can come to Gothenburg too? It would be so much easier for me and my friends and many other Simple Plan fans from southern Sweden.
Anyway, thanks for great music & hope you guys will be back soon! <3
Love Amanda

tanyak's picture

i love how the site is set up! its amazing.... pierre, david, chuck, seb and jeff i thank you for what you guys are and am proud to be a canadian with you! take care, Peace!

roy marden's picture

will you return concert in indonesia!

i would hope that!

always popular, SP

youstillsuck's picture

The forum is very messy. It's extremely hard to find certain topics since there isn't a search function. You should get a search function so it'll be easier to find what you're searching for without having to go through hundreds of pages. Also, there should be someone cleaning up in the forums because there are so many unnecessary topics and topics that already exists...

Molez's picture

we want to see Simple Plan in Yogyakarta,Indonesia...

Molez's picture

it's so amazing,,
i'm glad to hear that. ...
thank you...

Molez's picture

tell me that you care and i'll be there in a heartbeat,

Molez's picture

i want to see Simple Plan again in Indonesia,,,

Corine's picture

there should be some simple plan games on the website it would be really awesome to play them...

micramissy's picture

Great site. Would love to see more competitions open to everyone, I'd love to win some memorabilia.

AmanteDeSp's picture

Me Gusta la pagina tal y como es aunque me es un mucho Difícil el traducir desde mi PC! la quisiera en español.. (: y soy una Gran Fan de SimplePlan♥' desde que tenía casi 12 son casi Tres años con esta gran obsesión.. y Yo no podré ir al concierto en el D.F aunque me encantaría en fin.. no importa mucho el punto es que aunque no vaya al concierto nunca dejaré de ser Una gran fan y no dejaré de amarlos!

AmyWhitham's picture

All good dudes, all good (thumbs up)

AngeePrzmz's picture

Hey!! Well, I'm happy with the page, but for more convenience I would like that be added the Spanish language. :)

I want to say that I'm a big fan of SP since I was 10 years old, now I'm 19 years old and I'm sooo~ excited that finally I'll go to their show (Puebla, Mx.). I have my tickets!! <3 :D
I LOVE YOU GUYS!! See you soon!! ^ ^

LizaNaagas's picture

hey simple plan i really love your song... <3 it makes my day complete.. <3

LizaNaagas's picture

i wish you have a another concert here in phillipines .. ilove you simple plan <3

Katherine Lesparre's picture

Uruguay really loves SP and everybody here want you to come and play here!! Please make our dream come true!! You'll make us really happy!! :D

ChonthichaWongsachai's picture

Hello I'm your fan. I love your song ^________^

Lina Ruiz's picture

Simple Plan... Como to COLOMBIA... Everybody is waiting for you!!!

ney's picture

I hope u come to Ecuador ... we have been waiting soooo long .. please dont let us dont .. we trust u !!

gen_mt's picture

OMG thank you so much SP for coming to Ecuador i'm so excited i can't wait anymore i need buy the ticket now!!! i've been waitting for you since 2003!!!!!

mustakim_SP's picture