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Can someone please help me.

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    Can someone please help me.
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    (05 May '12)

    Please!!! i know that i can count on your guys. I need someone to help me. I am so close to suicide and i need your guys help

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on May 5, 2012 - 3:10pm

Please!!! i know that i can count on your guys. I need someone to help me. I am so close to suicide and i need your guys help

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Thank you MAPACHECOTILLA and you are right unlike most fans, we do care about each other, and you guys have been so supportive of me. I think that the Astronauts are an amazing group of people and you guys are just great people

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Hi! I've just read this and all the comments and there's few things I can add.
You have to know that YOU'RE NOT ALONE. I think we the Astronauts can say that ours is one of the fews "fandoms" where people worries about the other fans (I really don't know if this makes sense (english is not my first language), I think we're here for everyone who needs it.
You have to know there's always a way out and there always be people who cares about you, cause I'm sure every Astronaut cares.
Thanks for reading, and if you need to talk to somebody, I'll be delighted.

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I knew I could count on you guys. The Astronaut family is truly the best family around. Thank you for supporting me guys. I love you <3

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nice to see that you search for help here realizing how sad hurting yourself can be. thank you for doing that and for still believing in life even though there'll always come times when it'll be harder to go through.

like what SPAstronaut and Dana said, it sure would be sad for us astronauts to lose a part of us and I'm sure the guys would be sad, too. that's why we hope that you can keep going and have the support you need to do so. I believe that the music the guys wrote and the support from your family, friends, and fellow astronauts could always be some of those things that can back you up.

I also read your profile and thought you're friendly and sweet. :) seeing your interest, I think you can always count on music and painting and pottery too to help you get through the saddest time. expressing yourself in your creations and surrounding yourself with the things you love, simply.

as for now, thanks for believing in us and thank you so much for still being here. if you ever want to talk about the problems you're having, then I think that'd be nice cause I'm sure there's always someone here who would listen. heh.

good luck and let's do our best to struggle life! :')

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Right! We wouldn't want to lose a member of our family!

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Thank you so much. I don't even know what to say. You are truly an amazing person.

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Don't do it. Because we all are a family, the SPFamily, and by hurting yourself you hurt us too. Think about SP, you're not alone, and you'll find a way to go through what you're living. I don't say it would be easy, but all the bad things have an end. Just hold on, and never give up. We don't want another suicide, there have alreday been too many of them. Just remember you're not alone, there are thousands of people who care about you, even if we never met. #SPFamily