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favorite song of simple plan? 5
Get Your Feelings On....!!! 2
Argentina is waiting for SP! Anyone from Argentina? 0 n/a
SP Argentina is waiting for you! 2
COME TO OAHU, HAWAII!! :) please?? 0 n/a
Combien de cousins français veulent un come back des SP? =) 0 n/a
Simple Plan en Ecuador. 0 n/a
Does my drawing look like David? 0 n/a
Fellow Astronauts! F4F on Twitter? 1
Thank you SP <3 0 n/a
What's your favourite SP song? 5
Favorite SP song 0 n/a
The SP book :) 4
What does the song Welcome To My Life mean? 0 n/a
TWITTER??? 0 n/a
Oh my god!! Wooo!! 3
don't ignore this one please, important! make it happen 0 n/a
Qui amez-vous mieux entre David Desrosiers et Pierre Bouvier? 4
Let's trend #SimplePlanIsAwesome 0 n/a
Why Astronauts 3
Song Election - No Pads, No Helmets..Just Balls 16
Any Aussie Fans here 20
Who do you save ? 0 n/a
What song saved your life? 4