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Fan Talk

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I NEED to put this on here. Please read xD 16
US Simple Plan Store 4
What is on your X-mas list? 10
Summer paradise 10
why do you think when you hear a SP song you cant help to repeat it ?? 3
SP french accent is so hot! // l'accent français de SP est trop sexy! 9
3 tickets for the Toronto show... 0 n/a
SP 3
Have you Dreamt of Simple Plan? 0 n/a
Favourite Christmas movies 4
Fav simple plan music video 8
who's artist would you like to collaborate with the guys if they will record a new song ? 11
get your heart on 0 n/a
Astronaut - USA 0 n/a
Which countries would you like to visit?)) 30
What are your favorite films, TV series, cartoons?)) 32
Have you dreamed about SP? 9
Where U From? 472
ta coming to break it down here in Brazil ..!!! I'll SWU 1
At Least Pretend To Know 8
Who's Excited to Chat On Friday? 1
wanna make a gan video 0 n/a
any english and french speakers??? 3
blink-182's new album 1