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Chuck Chats With His Followers


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on April 8, 2011 - 8:00pm

In honor of reaching 40,000 followers on his twitter, Chuck held up his end of the deal and ustream chatted with everyone this afternoon. If you aren't one of his followers (and why not??), check out the video below to get an update on everything in the world of SP. Oh, and FOLLOW THEM ALLLL!!

Follow: @simpleplan | @pierrebouvier | @chuckcomeau | @daviddesrosiers | @seblefebvre | @jeffstinco


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i love the u stream of chuck comeau !!! chuck tu es geniale !! merci et je t aime avec simple plan de tout mon coeur !! sans oublier patrick frenchie et amanderz !!!
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J'aurais beaucoup aimé participer à ce ""ustream" ... Mais c'était drole de te voir galérer sur comment fonctionnait le logiciel. Sinon, j'adore ce que vous faite ! Jet Lag à l'air vraiment bien je peux pas attendre sa sortie. Pour info, je vis en France donc un français en plus ! et je suis d'origine chinoise donc un chinois en plus aussi héhé ! =)
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come to peruuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!! so I can show u my SP tatto!
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my god he's so adorable! :3
LittleMsBiicorn's picture not the only one who has 2 phones? lol i feel less alone
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Chuck remembered me (bebe_David80)
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Chuck remembered me (bebe_David80)
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Chuck loves Finland :))?
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i love chunk's cute face on 0:45
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I just watched the whole thing =) thanks for recording it! And thank you Chuck for being so genuine about and for your fans. That's probably one of the key reasons why I love you guys. Take care and can't wait for the new record! and since you said something about taking note of the mentions in that vid (can you make it to Auckland, New Zealand?) Much Love xx
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I love when Chuck spoke in Spanish ?w? lol Buenas Tetas Pervert
Lindsey Trimble's picture

U rock chuck congrates!!!
Ayelén's picture

Congratulations ^.^
oheyitskay_'s picture

If I would have known you were on ustream, I would have chatted with you. :)
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Awesome video Chuck! Greetings from GREECE! =D
Days's picture

Hey Chuck, thanks for recording your live chat and posting it here. I really loved watching it. You are so kind to do this for us fans! Congrats on getting your driver's license! I still don't have one either, so I know what it feels like:(. It would be interesting to see you grow your hair out. I don't mind that you've had the same haircut for 10 years. I think it really fits you. If you were to try something new that is what I would suggest though. I love seeing how grateful you are about the support from the fans. That's something that has never changed about you and I really love it. The same goes for the rest of the guys too:). I hope you get to do another live chat soon! P.S. I think you have a great voice;). It's not bad at all.
Aracely Bouvier's picture

Thanks Chuck... you are great... I loved
9310_SP's picture

I love it when he speaks french or german! he sounds so nice!! best part for me: when he talked about the shows in austria :D I love you SP!!!!!!!
willeon19's picture

Awww... my best part when you mention to Colombia ... thanks! I love Simple Plan ... congratulations on your followers
Ashleigh Webb's picture

Chuck staring at your face for 46 minuets was pretty awesome, I'm going to your warp tour in London hope to meet you guys there. Just look out for the small screaming child :D Love you Chuck, Ashleigh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
VivaLaVale's picture

Greetings from Italy!! We're waiting for you guys! :) You rock! Love you :) Kisses, Vale :) PS: you're great Chuck! 46:33 minutes speaking! Grazie (merci) :D
Blanca_2's picture

what a great dude!! seriously i dont know why you dont talk on show & dont say hi to should do it Chuck1 we love you!! =)
Vincent Hellsing's picture

32:35... Thanks Chuck... You've Just Said Hello To Me! :D
SimplePlan-n1-67's picture

Thank you Chuck for this video and to give an explanation for the show in Paris on June 7th =) Even if I could not be there because of my final exam =/
SP_Luss's picture

my favourite part - 36:12 ?? Chuck answered me :') thank you so just made my was really awful day...but U just made it feel so much better? I love you, Chucky? and you're the best drummer in the world! ? so lookin' forward to your next webchat :) hope you'll reach 50K followers soon ;) I'll help you as much as I can ;)? lots of love from Czech Republic :)?
Núbia's picture

I couldn't watch it live, but thanks to Chuck for recorded it for us to see! =D I LOVED!!!
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Chuck is the best, very funny and sweet :D
magalie's picture

thak you very much chuk !!! you are awesome and i love you so much
OKDeSign's picture

Chuck you are amazing! just wanted you to know that since i missed the chat. come back to Israel soon! lot of love :D