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Seb's Day Off Vlog


  • Seb's Day Off Vlog
    November 02, 2011

    Hey guys!

    Check out how Seb spent his day off from the GYHO Tour in San Diego. Enjoy the Vlog. See you at the shows!!

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on November 2, 2011 - 12:54pm

Hey guys!

Check out how Seb spent his day off from the GYHO Tour in San Diego. Enjoy the Vlog. See you at the shows!!


Days's picture

I loved seeing how excited Seb was to see the pandas. That was too cute:). I would be excited too! It was funny when he poked his head out of the hole and asked the seal a question. I loved seeing all the animals and learning with Sebastein. Great vlog Seb!
Jane_SP's picture

Seb, you are very cute!
lexie18's picture

JanaSPCrew's picture

Seb you're to cute x3 I love your red sun glasses! ? And I love you :)
Veroe Beaulieu's picture

T'es trop cute jetaimme fort
cwojo18's picture

i knew ishoulda gone to the zoo that day! =( sebs so adorable. =D i cant wait to put my concert pics up =}
lety95astronaut's picture

hahhhah seb!i love U!
SPforever's picture

seb you're so cutee?
Bitterblue's picture

It seems that you have fun at the zoo, I enjoyed learning with you ^^ I love panda
Tam VM's picture

"yeah! learning with Sebastien" XD oh Seb, you're unique, but I do want a real live tour :( all the animals were so cute!!!!!!!!!! :3 and the tour guide was so handsome :D
Pechán's picture

You look cute even with those sunglasses on
Masara's picture

If I knew he would be at the San Diego Zoo that day, I'd have gone there and found him lol!
CaKeBomB's picture

I love his necklace ?
simplesacha's picture

haha yes! i love how sebastien always makes reference to the DVD. its awesome. learning with simple plan (well he said sebastien.. but still..) part 3!
SPGirl18's picture

glad u got to go to the zoo !!!! i lucky you ^_^ enjoy the rest of your day !!! ^_^
NaNiTaMj's picture

glad you are having a good day......too bad i don't support zoos!!
SarahLD's picture

''yeah ! Learning with sebastien ! '' Hahha I love it !
Veroe Beaulieu's picture

Nice !! :) toujours aussi beau Séb :P ''yeah learning with sebastien !'' si s'était toi qui mapprendrais toute mes matieres d'école jsuis sur que jcomprend 1000 fois mieux haha !!
CrazyAboutChuck's picture

10 ans après le zoo c'est toujours votr truc ... ça me rapelle a big package for you ... :D
phasha18's picture

That totally made me want to go back to San Diego Zoo.
Sonia's picture

Cool !!!! Très intéressant et instructif !!! Merci de toujours partager avec nous !!! Très généreux de ta part :D
IzzieSolis's picture

So I'm having trouble deciding who's cuter: Seb or the panda.. :$ lol
Manye's picture

Aw, Sebby so cute with pandas ! :D ?
Kathaa's picture

Learning with Sebastien.
simple plan16's picture

I want there, but I did not get to see a panda. :(
Nieves García's picture

To envy :) Handsomee Seeb come tu Spain sooon pleaseee :) LOVE!
llisa's picture

learning with sebastien is so cool! he is soooooo cute and adorable, I love the way he speaks!
LoOpXy's picture

"dead fish im thinking" i loved it!
Thnx4allChuck's picture

HAHAHA :) You made my day with this , I love to learn with Sebastien
kim_SP's picture

Dear Sebby Fresh, I want more 'Learning with Sebastien' ;-)