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Happy Birthday David!


  • Happy Birthday David!
    August 28, 2011

    Happy Birthday David!

    It's August 29th and it's officially David's birthday today! Send him your birthday wishes here.

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on August 28, 2011 - 11:30pm

Happy Birthday David!

It's August 29th and it's officially David's birthday today! Send him your birthday wishes here.


Chaffiizz's picture

Please come to mexico have many fans here!!!
Chaffiizz's picture

HBD!!!! baby!!! love u
tali.sp's picture

Sorry for late! Happy Birthday David! Love you (:
Qibah612's picture

Happy belated birthday David =D love your smile and i miss to see you all hyper =P well hope you have an awesome year =) love you
silent_witness's picture

happy late b'day David. Hope it was a great day:P
CrisleaneTp's picture

Happy Birthday with 5 days of delay was not a thousand apologies for wanting to. Well, happiness and all good
LittleMonster's picture

Sorry for late. Anyway.. Happy Birthday David! Love you
Me-Ann's picture

belated Happy birthday davey boy! we love you! stay cool and sexy! :*
davidandpierrelover's picture

hey daivd i no its like super latebut happy belated birthday anyways!!!!!:) i love u daivd and i cant wait till u guys come back to toronto ontario candaaaaa!!!!:) lolve tons
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Happy late birthday David! We love you so much!
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happy late birthday david:)
Ambre220's picture

Happy late birthday David!!!
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it was my birthday too :)
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!! LOVE YOU LOTS! Sorry it's late hope u had an awesome b-day! Your still sexy =) well maybe not a smiley face more like a winky face !
jenboo's picture

happyyyyy bday david!!!!!! mwahhhh!!!!
Thanairi's picture

Happy Birthday David! I love you and I love you smile! :)
Subanky's picture

Happy 31st Birthday from CANADA!!!!!
Mad of music's picture

Un bonne fête de Québe !!
chantel_3's picture

happy birthday david. i'm sure u had a blast. u and the guys have fun
Daro's picture

Feliz Cumpleaños David!! From Argentina!
Tam VM's picture

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you had the best ever, take care pretty boy and enjoy every single day of your life :) (sorry to post it today, yesterday I tried but I couldn't :( anyhow hope you enjoyed your day :D)
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Im also a bit late sorry :) I apologize haha Happy happy birthday :) have a great time yestarday? Kisses :D
Julia.'s picture

I´m late but I dont care. David, Happy birthday to you.I hope you never loose your "fuck you all"-face you sometimes have.
Giulia's picture

Happy birthday David!!! Kisses!!! ;)
Simple Harpist's picture

Most sincere birthday wishes to you!
MusicLife's picture

sorry im late a little late on this but...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D have the funnest day of all the birthdays you have ever so cool!!!!.yay we love you! :)
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sorry its a bit late.... Happy Birthday David! Hope you had a fantastically AWESOME day and I can't wait to see you when you come back to the UK! :D
megan--bouvier--9's picture

Happy belated birthday David
Alison's picture

Joyeux anniversaire David :D Love you :)