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Happy Birthday David!


  • Happy Birthday David!
    August 28, 2011

    Happy Birthday David!

    It's August 29th and it's officially David's birthday today! Send him your birthday wishes here.

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on August 28, 2011 - 11:30pm

Happy Birthday David!

It's August 29th and it's officially David's birthday today! Send him your birthday wishes here.


simpleplanina3's picture

happy Birthday from Sicily(Italy) :D ...I hope you have an amazing day! You are simply THE BEST! Ps.Come in Milan in 2012!! PLease!!
SPeirinn's picture

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM NORWAY! Hope you have an awesome day and that everything is great!:)
rockismydrug's picture

Happy birthday David! Profites bien de Paris :)
Kristen Marie Slica's picture

Happy Birthday David :) i hope u have a alsome day love ya :)
Cami_4's picture

Happy bithday David!!! I love you so much, and I wich you the best!!!
Maryangel's picture

HBD! Espero que pases un excelente día =)
Meumii-x's picture

Happy Birthday David! I hope you'll have a nice day and I wish you everything you want! I really like what you do and we love you so much!
LenaSP's picture

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag from Germany!
snowdog's picture

Have a VERY happy birthday, David! Hugs from Poland.
sp anime's picture

go David! You guys have lots of birthays in August, mine is too!
anemone_2's picture

Happy Birthday David! Have a nice day ;)
Coralie_2's picture

Bon anniversaire David :) J'espère que tu vas bien, je te souhaite beaucoup de bonne choses et d'être heureux. J'apprécie ce que tu fais, tu es exceptionnel :)
Neriah's picture

Happy Birthday David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best!!!!!! xxx
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Linae's picture

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAV!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you all the wonderful things in this world, enjoy this day with your friends and loved ones !! You are a very special guy !!!!!! PLEAASE come to MARRAKESH your Moroccan fan's city.
Elisabeth de Montreal's picture

Bonne fete! Happy Birthday! Mnohaya Litta (that's happy birthday in ukrainian...) Hope you have a great year with Simple Plan, and enjoy the year touring the world!!! Get your heart on!
Richa's picture

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!! You're a freakin' awesome guitarist and I hope you have/had an amazing day :) keep playing like a pro!! XD
crazy_aboutSP's picture

Happy Birthday David!! I love you :) I wish you all the best things, may all your wishes come true :) You're the coolest guy I know, please anjoy your special Day :) Clarissa ;)
Doreen's picture

Happy Happy Birthday, Dave!! May all your dreams & wishes come true! Enjoy your day! Doreen (:
Lulu Fucci's picture

happy bday David , hope u always in happiness and love .. we all love u so much .. please come to indoneseia #indonesiawantssp pouaaahh
shir_comeau's picture

happy b-day!! you a good time with all your loved ones! blessings, hugs and kisses from Monterrey, Mexico!!!
llisa's picture

happy b-day dear david :D
Núbia's picture

Happy Birthday David, I wish you all the best things... Hope your dreams come true!!! Enjoy your time in Europe!!! I love you!!
Groszek's picture

Happy B-day banana boy! ;*
Mel--simple plan's picture

Bonne fête David :D!!
canadianspirit's picture

bon anniversaire David!
danny321's picture

happy birthday pal have a good 1
pink_seb's picture

happy birthday!!!!!! hope it's one of the best days ever
JulienBella's picture

Happy Birthday David!!! Hope its amazing in Europe!!
k8's picture

Happy Birthday, David! :) Hope you're having an awesome day! :D