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Happy Birthday Jeff!


  • Happy Birthday Jeff!
    August 22, 2011

    Happy Birthday Jeff!

    It's August 22nd, and you should know what that means... it's Jeff's Birthday! Take a moment and drop your birthday wishes to Jeff today!

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on August 22, 2011 - 12:15am

Happy Birthday Jeff!

It's August 22nd, and you should know what that means... it's Jeff's Birthday! Take a moment and drop your birthday wishes to Jeff today!


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Bonne Fête Jeff :) Profite de ta journée au gros gros gro max :) ! Trippe au boute :) Le quebec taime? xxx
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happy bday jeff i hope you have had a good day until now cheers
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HBD...jeFt.. i hope you have a lot of gifts !!!...
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Happy brithday Jeff! :) We all love those guitar move you make in those video clips. You're awesome! Enjoy your day and keep playing. Bonne fete encore!
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Dear Jeff, have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it! Have fun with your family and friends. I hope all your wishes for this year came true. I admire your talent, strength, hard work and above all your amazing personality. You are such an inspiration for me. Thank you for everything. :) Lots of love from Croatia (hope you visit us some day)
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happy birtday jeff , i wish you the best. have a good one , and have fun :)
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Happy Birthday Jeff!! Sending you a lot of kisses from Japan
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Bonne fête ! :)
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Happy Birthday, Jeff!! Hope you have a great one
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Happy Bday Jeff :D Hope U have a very good day. Sweden loves U !! :) / Ronjjah
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happy birthday jeff!!! have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Happy Birthday Jeff. Have a great day with a lot of fun and pasta.
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Happy B-Day!!! =)
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Happy Birthday Jeff!!!!!! Hope you have a great day! Have fun! But not too much fun ;) Hope to see you soon when you come back to Long Island!
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Happy Birthday! :)
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happy birthday jeff you rock hope you have fun and rock ir out love ya
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happy b-day Jeff :)x
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Happy Birthay Jaff )
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happy birthday, Jeff! :D stay healthy and have fun (with your music)! :D greetings from Munich! :) Daniel!
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Bonne fête jeff : D Passe une superbe de belle journée!! :D
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Happy b-day Jeff! I hope u have a very nice day. ENJOY IT! lot of love from Barcelona!
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Happy Birthday Jeff !! :D
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Buon compleanno Jeff! / Happy birthday man, wish you the best, have fun today and party hard! See you on Sept. 4
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Happy Birthday or in spanish: Feliz Cumpleaños Jeff. I hope you enjoy your day with your family and friends! You're such a great guitarist and of course a nice person. Best wishes from Spain. See you on tour ;)
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Happy Birthday! =)
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Happy birthday Jeff! Have a nice day :)
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Bonne Fête mon ami!! have an amazing one! spend the day with your loved ones and have fun! i wish you a lot of luck, happiness, love and health, you deserve all this and more! thanks for having replied me 4 times on twitter and thanks for always putting so much passion in what you do. i love watching you play your guitar cuz i see that's all you wanna do in life! i hope to meet yall in bologna..buon compleanno! =D love you sweetie! a huge hug from Italy
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Jeff, you're for me the biggest example. You are the best guitarist, the best daddy, the best friend of your fans, THE BEST IDOL that someone could have. I don't even know you in person, but only for your tweets we can see how much you are gracious, attentive, respectfull with the fans, giving advice for everyone who asks to you.. You are the one that get emotional with our love for you and mainly when you talk about your family, your little ones, with so much love.. And that teach us how we have to be, how we have to act with our families.. Thank you Jeff for being a example for me, thank you for being so adorable with you fans, thank you for being such a awesome idol for everyone here! I love you so much and I wish you all the best things that life can offer to you, I wish all your best dreams to come true, I wish you happiness, I wish you strenght to carry on with the band and keep realizing dreams in everywhere you go!!! One more time, THANK YOU for being who you are, you're THE BEST for us!!!! Happy Birthday, God bless you!!! p.s.: Hope you come back soon to Brazil and I hope you come back to Belo Horizonte too! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I KNOW ONE DAY I WILL GET THE CHANCE TO TELL YOU IN PERSON!!!! (@binha_SP)
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Happy Birthday! :D Enjoy your day~ C: