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Video: Jeff Talks Warped Tour with


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on August 17, 2011 - 2:50pm

Last month the boys stopped by the Atlantic Records offices in between their Warped Tour dates and sat down to talk to In this piece, Jeff talks about all about the band's experience on the Warped Tour - from their first time playing the tour, to who he's had an eye on this year including Paramore! Watch the interview at


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same broblem here, "video is currently unavaible, check back soon", id really love to see jeff's interview :( PLEASE GUYS COME TO FINLAND SOON OKAY? id really do anything to see you and you really are my whole life, pleasepleaseplease i dont ask anything else :(
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Jeff :3
astronaut_5's picture

I can't see it either, it says that the video is currently unavailable and that i should check back soon. The same happened with one David-video that i haven't been able to see until today.
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Oh, u like Paramore? They're also one of my fav band
Aracely Bouvier's picture

I can't to see the video =(
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I love you Jeff
Veroe Beaulieu's picture

Super entrevue Jeff :) love u guys -xxx-
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simple plan i love you guys with all my heart. please go on the warp tour again, i didnt get to see you this year. i never seen you guys live and i would so die to meet you guys. please go on it again.
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I thought I was the only one :/ they never work for me either D:
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These Atlantic Records videos aren't working for me :( Everytime it says that the video is currently unavailable! D:
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Elle est cool cette vidéo ^^ ! Les vidéos d'Atlanticrecords sont vraiment géniales
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I watched all the SP videos on :) I love them so much and I love when they talk about them and their music :) ?