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Video: Simple Plan Talk About "Jet Lag"


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on July 5, 2011 - 6:26pm

While in the UK last month Seb, Pierre and David sat down with to talk about their single "Jet Lag".


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Astronaut is my favorite as well as This song saved my life,,,,but right now I’m feeling Summer paradise as I’m in Bulgaria sun tenting and having fun)
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SP has been together more than most of the marriages!! :)))
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Great interview! Love hearing what you guys have to say :D Keep on keepin on!
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love u guys ! can't wait to watch Astronaut video ! u always rock !
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I LOVE THEM !! and i don't know why and how but i cried in the middle of this video XD and Astronaut video??? OMG i can't wait !
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Why is Simple Plan still around while other bands aren't? Because they're Fricking Amazing! Can't wait for the Astronaut video to come out. And where are the remaining "Track by track" videos? :O
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Aaaaw, that 'hello' thing from Seb at the beginning was so cute ^^, And it's true that people love SP because of the songs wich they can relate to AND like you guys also said about the members that are still the same =) And of course; the fact that you are all guys with a nice karakter and hot :-D And Pierre, finally someone who doesn't like mojito ;d Caipirinha is so much better :-D
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you´re absolutly right and not sounding cocky Pierre. your music is something to what we all can relate to and you can be proud of it!!! =) Astronaut video?!?!?!?!?! AWESOME!!!! can´t wait till it comes out :D
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Seb, you made that video awesome in the beginning =D and Pierre, absolutely true that your music is something we can relate to. Love it- keep it up, and hope you stay true to those words. Travelling everywhere, dw will try to make that happen too New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand it's coming on 7 years since you've toured here! not toured, played a show =P David, looking good and speaking well as always =D
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you say Good morning when is Midnight.....great song, thanks guys for their songs, my heart is so´s cool,
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I love this song sooo much. YAY, YOU ARE COMING TO SOUTH AMERICA :DDDDD
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lmao Seb at the begining XD *english accent* "Hello"
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uk,uk! ... u can come on us!
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I love it! Love the tune, love the album! And agree with the reason why they're still here :D Same members, and amazing music. I'll be 20 soon and my room is still filled with Simple Plan posters.
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Love it :] And YAY Australia! Come hereeee! But not between November 20th - December 30th D': Thanks ^.^
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Great interview guys :) You guys are awesome :)
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Cool interview guys ;P
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I would love to find out who else you guys had in mind to sing with you for this song besides Natasha Bedingfield. I think she was a great choice and Marie Mai was great as well! I'm glad they both said yes.