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Vlog: It's Time to Say Goodbye... to Singapore


  • Vlog: It's Time to Say Goodbye... to Singapore
    May 28, 2011

    SP's time in Singapore was short but sweet, check out day 2 in one of the prettiest places in the world as the guys do more press for the new album plus a special acoustic performance.

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on May 28, 2011 - 6:48pm

SP's time in Singapore was short but sweet, check out day 2 in one of the prettiest places in the world as the guys do more press for the new album plus a special acoustic performance.


Dani Bouvier's picture never mentioned Mexico :( #foreveralone u_u
Dani Bouvier's picture

you made that on iMovie lol! if i were at the bus with you i would, OMG i don't even know!but i wouldn't even take pictures of the tour, i would be just taking pics of you lol. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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I wish i could see you in Germany the 4 June, but it's too exspensive. I hope you all have a great time, in Germany. I'm just waiting for you guys to come to Denmark or Sweden! :-D xoxo
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In Holland, we say Nederland. but we also say Holland. and to Poland we say Polen. funny how the names change in other languages! XD
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when there's no top on the bus... its windy :-p btw... dont eat any salads while you're here in germany.
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Thanks for coming to singapore guys! I'm gonna miss you guys, oh wait, I miss ya'll already. I'll always remember the day you guys came down to Singapore. Definitely had fun listening to the tracks of your new album, going on the bus, and of course, the concert. Please please please come back to Singapore soon!!! In the meantime, HAVE FUN TOURING!!! And Seb, thanks for the Pick and the set list. Love from Singapore, The fangirl with the Pink Hair
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You guys need to come to San Diego!
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Ouais ouais, on aime! :D
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So good!!! :D
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Look -------->
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that was short, that? was sweet ... kinda like everytime i have sex. HAHAHAHA
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I think that "Nasi Lemak" was too spicy for Chuck!pouahhhhh
Nevermore's picture

Ahh Jeff mentioned Rock im Park and I will be there! I'm sooo excited! ...counting the days :D
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Funny part is when Chuck say "we play shows in France, UK, Poland, Austria, Germany..." and Jeff says "Holland" and Chuck: "yeah I said it" HE DID NOT !! xD it's funny when people say: "of course I was in Poland, Amsterdam is a beautiful city." Poland and Holland are two different countries!
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Please come to Thailand! It's also so close to Singapore!!!!! I love your bathrobes!
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"that was short, that was sweet...kinda like everytime I have sex." "it's not really sweet, I heard." "nah, actually it was painful and very short." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i love you guys :'D and jet lag's acoustic version is just BEAUTIFUL. *-*
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When are you guys gonna come to Sweden? Now that you're in Germany you're close, but still so far away, so I hope that you'll come here soon!
sanroppa☆'s picture

no chuck all the time.......
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trop cool le vidéo!!:)
still_not_get_enough's picture

yeah :D can´t wait for you :D ? Rock im park :D
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You have to came to Brazil,we miss you so much!
SimplePlan-n1-67's picture

Je suis très contente que vous veniez en Europe =D Même si je ne pourrai pas vous voir =(
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they had nasi lemak wat meh? hahaha
Days's picture

I'm happy you guys had a blast in Singapore. I have friends who live there and love it. The acoustic version of Jet Lag was amazing. It sounds just as beautiful as the original version. Why were you guys all wearing bathrobes? lol Have a safe flight to Germany and I can't wait to see your next vlog! I always look forward to seeing them!
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I'm very very excited to see you guys in Hamburg.... I think it's probably gonna be the best Day in my life... Can't wait..!!!!
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When theres no top on the bus, its windy.....
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so my ASK SIMPLE PLAN ANYTHING question was answered!....NO NATASHA for tours!...NOT HAPPY JAN!...BRRRRRRRRRRR!...I was really hoping for Natasha B to be doing the tours with you guys and singing "Jet Lag!".....aaahhhh well I was expecting that!. It's just not the same without her as guess vocalist!
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its like everytime i have sexLOL
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