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Get Your Heart On! Is In Stores Now!


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I'm stll waiting for my pre order...
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Can't wait to get my fan bundle! I ordered everything else from SP too! :D
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loveeee it love it you guys!!! cant stop listening... :)
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I'm amazed.... They've forgotten the eighth wonder of the world: "Get Your Heart On!". Really awesome
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this album rock's..;) simple plan i love you.;)
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You're disappointing me. I love you guys but this is enough to me. Your music it's my life and it helped me in my worst moments but now... I can't hear your music because it makes me remember your best moments and the moments when your music made me happy. Where is the wonderful Still Not Getting Any? I miss you guys, a lot. Please come back.
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how about in the philippines?? when will it be released?? :(
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What? Do you think ther's no fans in Israel?! Gonna bother any store untill I get this album...
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I love "never should have let you go" this song is amazing..
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and Brasil ????? D:
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and Brasil?
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After scouring through six different stores I FINALLY got my hands on the new album! I AM COMPLETE :)
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ahhhh june 21st is here!!!!! must buy the album!! already listened to the tracks so i know how awesome it is! :D
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I GOT MY HEART ON FOR SIMPLE PLAN! HELL YEAH! Thank you guys for this record, we all love you! Come to Mexico, tacos are delicious ^^
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GOT IT!!!!!! :D looks and sounds unreal :)
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i got my ultimate fan bundle. can hardly wait till everything gets here!! thank u sooo much for another unbelievably amazing album!!! LOVE U!!
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That's great guys! :D Getting my copy in a few days, cant wait!
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I'm holding in my hands a copy of Get Your Heart On! I'm so happy! It's just amazing! I love it! Great job! Thank you guys! Love you!! :) With love, from Italy Vale ^^
Paige_3's picture Calling ALL Simple Plan Fans!!! Simple Plan is falling behind and if we want them to win PLEASE vote! Thank you to all who do! =) Please go to the website I posted above to vote.
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This is a great day Simple Plan is my inspiration!!!!!!!
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ITS FINALLY 6/21!!!!! IM SO EXCITED! I Already downloaded all of the songs & I cant wait till everything else comes in the mail!!!!!!!! I LOVE SP!!! Please come to Florida guys!!!! GET YOUR HEART ON!
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OMG!!! This album is sooo gooooood!!!!!! Have never heard a album before with no bad song!!! My favorite is This song saved my life, Gone too soon, Astronaut and Last one standing!!! Im gonna buy the CD tomorrow when i get money. :D CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
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L'album est vraiment génial !! il est assez différent du dernier que j'ai trouvé un peu spécial. J'ai l'impression d'un retour aux sources avec du nouveau notamment les duos et une chanson en français (merci pour ça :D) Je suis quand même dégouté parce que je n'ai jamais eu l'occasion de vous voir en concert ! Je viens de regarder vos prochaines dates en France : Amnéville (à 1heure de chez moi) le 6 septembre avec offspring mais je suis en examen Vienne (a 45 minutes de lyon où j'étudie) le 7 septembre mais je passe mes oraux en fin de journée sûrement. Bref je n'ai vraiment pas de chance pour l'instant (je suis à vancouver BC depuis janvier jusqu'à Aout mais vous ne venez pas) J'espère qu'il y aura un SIMPLE PLAN TOUR en France !!! J'aimerais beaucoup vous écoutez LIVE ! En attendant Bonne tournée aux Etats-Unis vous êtes super et merci pour votre générosité envers nous !!!! GET YOUR HEART ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Woohoo :D
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love it but I have to wait... ...3 days more :'-(
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Awesome feeling to by an SP record on the Day of its release !!! OwO Proud owner of GET YOUR HEART ON !!!
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OH SHITTT!!!! finally!!! I been waiting for this abum like a crazy! since we all heard for the very first time the live version of "You Suck at Love", and now the album is out, so thank you thank you thank you guys, i love your music, really, i loove your music, all of your albums, all of your songs. So, yep, Im gonna buy................. GET YOUR HEART ON! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Thank you Simple Plan :')
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I will go to buy it later, now I can't I'm working =(
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omg the album is already #6 in the pop canagory on itunes and its #27 out of itunes all together im so happy :)