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Watch Two Acoustic Performances on Alter the Press!


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on June 13, 2011 - 12:28pm

While overseas last week, the guys stopped by to do a 2-song acoustic performance with Alter the Press. They performed "Jet Lag" and "Can't Keep My Hands Off You".. check it out here!


magoo's picture

Pierre has a really good voice!
SPFAN3000's picture

I watched these performances they were so awesome good job you guys always impress me with your voices you keep getting better and better. You guys rock.
Rhea's picture

Sounds great! I think you should've make GYHO acoustic album :D
I Love SP_3's picture

This songs sounded amazing acoustic! Love them *-*
Panther X's picture

Those were AMAZING! especially Can't Keep My Hands Off! You guys should really consider recording an acoustic album!
LeAnne_2's picture

I don't see the video to watch them. Where is it?
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TeresaDestinco's picture

awesome, david love your voice?
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pattySHOUTS's picture

Oh my god, acoustic version of Can't Keep My Hands Off you is so fucking good!
Maggie's picture

I dont see where's the video... please help?? i cant find any play button or anything... =(
Bishy1993's picture

The two acoustic versions were great, 3 days :D
Aracely Bouvier's picture

Excellent!!! Simple Plan is the best... the guys have a great voice. Congratulations !!!
im.SPAstronaut's picture

aww I LOOOOVE the acustic versioon!! =D but it misses the presence of Chuck on them.
SYLWIA's picture

I love this acoustic version!
IXSephirothXI's picture

i love it !!!! =DDD i wanna download the acoustic versions :DDDD Where?!! :DDD
kasiax1x's picture

David, great voice! :)