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FIRST LISTEN: "Freaking Me Out" Ft. Alex Gaskarth


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on June 3, 2011 - 10:24am

Want more music from the new album? Head over to now for your first listen of "Freaking Me Out" featuring Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low!

If you want a download of this track, pre-order the album here. Ultimate Fan and Premium Packs include a download of "Freaking Me Out" this Sunday night!


Kalli's picture

Great song! I love it! Can't wait for the new album!
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Ophelie's picture

Super chanson ! :D
jen909's picture

This is honestly one of the best songs you've ever written. I love it! And I can totally relate to it - one of my friends has become a person that I don't know anymore. She's freaking me out! But awesome song! :D
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Skydog91's picture

Kind of bland.. it's not bad... But all time low made you sound bland and generic.
Astronaut_Sue's picture

amazing song fall in love with it!!! alex and pierres voice are PERFECT 2gether! :)
Bárbara_4's picture

i have no words. i just loved this song! it is just awesome!
Simple Harpist's picture

The song is awesome. If only I had this song like a year earlier, I would have been able to tell someone how I felt.
egnorntgizrtbo's picture

Ça change mais elle gère la fougère !!
lety95astronaut's picture

oh my godness!!all day i hear that song!!!!i love it!and i love u !
Kariinee's picture

i love it love love love iiiiiit :D
17jam's picture

i cant even listen to d song where should i go?
emeylie's picture

The songs sounds great, I'm looking forward to when I can download it!
kim_SP's picture

I must get used to it ... But it is not bad:-D But I thought 'Famous for nothing' was more fun and that isn't on the album ='( But I still love you guys
BlackCherry's picture

What the hell happened to the old Simple Plan ?!
Chringel's picture

Love it! =) It's different, crazy and totally strange but in a good way. Now, I can't help myself to hum this song... ^^'
Linae's picture

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's increadible special and different !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alinda's picture

Loving it!!!! You guys are FREAKING ME OUT!!!!
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Great song !! :)
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I absolutely love this song! I'm so glad i pre-ord ered this album:)
Diian's picture

great!! :D
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stefy_sp_t's picture

wowowow it is too awesome like everuthing u do guys i really liked it :) i cant wait to hear the entere album
Everyonee's picture

Aww smeee ~
Jhun Cruz's picture

cool !! :)
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loooooooooooooooooooooooove the song!!!! perfect match! for real!!!! =)
colleen puras's picture

to poor
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elle est vrm bonne, jai tlm hate que le cd sorte! :D
Nikox's picture

Omgg...!!!!!! AWSOMEEEEEE SONG!!!!!! i lovee it