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Happy Birthday Pierre!


  • Happy Birthday Pierre!
    May 09, 2012

    Happy Birthday Pierre!

    Today, our lead singer turns 33! Post your Birthday wishes to him here. If you're tweeting, be sure to include the hashtag #HappyBdayPierre

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on May 9, 2012 - 7:09am

Happy Birthday Pierre!

Today, our lead singer turns 33! Post your Birthday wishes to him here. If you're tweeting, be sure to include the hashtag #HappyBdayPierre


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Avec beaucoup de retard (je suis impardonnable --' ) Je te souhaite un JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE ♥ I Love You So Much ♥♥
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woah, how come i didn't know? O_O happy late b'day, pierre!
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happy birthday pierre! really sorry for the late greeting hehehe i wish you all the best,god bless and keep rocking,YEAH! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PIERRE *starstruck
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YAY!!! happy birthday Pierre, you kick ass!!
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Pierre te deseo un feliz cumpleaños en compañia de toda tu familia y amigos, espero que todos tus sueños y anhelos se cumplan, feliz cumpleaños un abrazo y un beso con todo respeto desde mexico te quiere y te admira Marya Ester .......
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happy late birthday Pierre <3's picture

Happy Birthday Pierre! I hope you had a lot of fun! :)
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Happy Birthday Pierre!!!!!!I Heart YOU!!!!
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Happy Birthday Pierre!!! We love you <3
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Happy Birthday Pierre!! Hope you had a great day yesterday and you got everything you wanted! You deserved a great day because you work so hard on your music and you did a song that SAVED MY LIFE!
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Pieeeeeeeerre! Happy birthday! Thank you very much, because you and SP save me everyday<3 A lot of love to Tenerife, Canarias. Patricia. PD: I want a concert of Tenerife!!
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Happy birthday Pierre! Mazal tov! Thank you, SP, for being such a huge inspiration, for making music which saves our lives, and for always putting a smile on everyone's faces... I hope you have as much fun as we had at your concert a few days ago!! Lots of love from Israel. -Lior
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Happy Birthday Pierre Enjoy your life :))
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Happy Birthday Pierre! I hope you had a great day!
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Happy Birthday Pierre.... Hope you have many more birthdays to come.... love from the Netherlands.... xoxo Alinda
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Pierre!!! happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D seriously 33? thank God!!!! :D I hope you double that age because I want you to sing a lot more years :D hope you had an excelent birthday, my best wishes from me to you :D love you, take care :3
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Happy Birthday to us Pierreee 05-09 is my Birthday too .... see you soon in São Paulo ... Bye Bye

Happy Birthday my sweet and dear Pierre, I hope it's an incredible day .................... IF I COULD DEFINE A WORD WITH WHAT WOULD BE MAKE ME FEEL: CRAZY .. I LOVE YOU ........!! GREETINGS GUYS, I HOPE TO RETURN SOON TO MONTERREY, MEXICO FOR MISS!! -KIMMY,from Monterrey Mexico!!!
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Happy Birthday Pierre! I hope you had a great day :) I love you and also my friend ... <3
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Happy Birthday Pierre! I hope you have another great year, full of accomplishments, sucess, and happiness, and hope you can get everything you want, reach all of your goals, and live beside people you love! And also wanna say thank you for being so good to your fans and so dedicated to your band, it means a lot to all of the astronauts :) Only wish you the best!
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Happy Birthday Pi, Hope this new age come with lots of lots of great things and all ur dreams come true... Love u, you are so talentous and deserve everything you have!!! Pierre and Simple Plan will be always part of me... Love you guys!!!
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and you are part of my life every day your voice is my drug and my teraphy! Thank you never have left me alone in 10 years so I wish you the best for you and your family :) My better B-day wishes ♥
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Happy B-day to you.... Happy B-Day to you... Happy B-day Piereeeee Happy B-Day to you!!!!! ♥ Pierre I wanna wish you a very Happy B-day, I wish you a great, nice, funny, lovely day! with all your family and friends ! The Astronauts loves you so muhc! You are a great men, singer so hot and so handsome I love you so much and I wish you so many Birthdays more! SP forever&Always :) ♥ Love from Mexico
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Happy Birthday! You are a very special person for me and all your fans I wish you well in your day, accompanied by the ones you love and love you! ♥ =D
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BONNE FÊTE PIERRE, BONNE FÊTE PIERRE, BONNE FÊTE, BONNE FÊTE BONNE FÊTE PIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREE!! :D<3 Mon amie et moi on a aujourd'hui mit en ton honneur notre chandail de SP! Et on a déclaré cette journée l'une des plus belle journée de l'année! Mercii d'être qui tu es, merci à SP au complet de rendre notre vie tellement plus hotte fois milles!! Jte souhaite beaucoup de bonheur, de santé et tout ce que tu veux!! On t'aimme fort Pierre, Camylle et Lauriane qui viennet de ton beau Québec. :3♥
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Hey Pierre Happy Bday I wish you much love, hapiness, health and sucess to keep singing for us for a looooong time, you know you're just like wine, don't get old, get better lol ily, enjoy your day
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Pierre, Happy Birthday!!! I wish you all the best and much success, have a wonderful day with your family and friends... I Love You!!!