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Watch Now: How To Meet Simple Plan


Amanderz's picture
on May 3, 2012 - 6:02pm

Just in case you needed reasons to join SP's official fan club, the SPCrew, here's the boys and even some of you guys, to tell us why it's so damn amazing! I'm in the SPCrew, are you? No? Join now!!


nizan_SP's picture

I want to be on the SPCrew ):
Cynthiaplan's picture

what if i'm poor? D: and i don't have the money to be part of SPCREW? or the money for go another city or country only for meet you? D:
Jason Pikyur's picture

I'm not a member :( unfortunately.... But I'm not sad... Because I know that I'll meet them one day :D And that day will be the best day of my life :D
BLK95TA's picture

cool video. i too am an SPCrew member and got to meet the band last summer at warped (which is where i signed up for SPCrew by the way)
Franciane's picture

I want to join SP Crew but I need to convince my parents...

It was the best day of my life when I met Simple Plan in Helsinki, Finland 16.4.2012 <3 It was a little sad that they didn't have a Soundcheck Party here, but I'm so happy that I still got to meet them! Thank you <3
_Truetildeath's picture

A 3.07, c'est à Nantes. Nos avions étaient tous beaux ! :D
_Truetildeath's picture

I'm remember, it was so beautiful ! It's like 2 weeks ago, and I want to return there. Thank you guys, thank you for everything you do ! We love you !
CrazyAboutChuck's picture

This is me at 2:28 with Chuck i just can't believe it. Revenez vite en France les gars :)
Anne Enriquez's picture

i dont know how to be an sp crew here in the philppines... i want to be an spcrew but i dont know how>> can anybody tell me how?????
ellicarnevali's picture

i'm going to join SPcrew, cause i love u guys so much!! i'm ready to meet u when u guys come back to Italy :))))
nownna umaya's picture

@simpleplanSPCI aka Simple Plan Crew Indonesia. POKE @simpleplan @pierrebouvier
nownna umaya's picture

@simpleplanSPCI (twitter) aka simple plan crew indonesia
Embruns's picture

I met them in St. Petersburg, Russia. Thanks, SPCrew, love ya so much ♥
hottbaguettes69's picture

i'm in the sp crew but i can't meet them cause they aren't coming to my town. ):
Saul's picture

I can't, but it would be the best thing ever, I truly love this band a lot, it's a dream to me to be able to some day meet you guys :), still waiting for that day
Tamara Kinders's picture

i am not saying that this is valid for every country but in some there's something called a prepaid credit card. For those who want to join but don't have a credit card or aren't allowed to use their parents, this might be the option if it's available in your country
JanelLa's picture

i think it's the coolest thing on planet earth, but it's kinda hard for me. I'm Austrian and i don't even know if it's possible for me, i also do not have a credit card. It's weird... If someone (maybe AUSTRIAN, GERMAN or so) has any infos, or is in the crew, please post on my profil (: i'm so happy about any infos. THANK YOU all SP - FANS rock .
HollyEllerton's picture

Im in the spirit lol!! I sound cheap when I say I have no money for it,got bills to pay and that!! but when I can afford Im so in on this!! meeting simple plan would be the ultimate dream come true!! but just cause im not part of the crew doesn't mean I haven't been with you all the way!! SP<3 :)
Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Ça donne envie de s'inscrire. :DD
SPAstronaut_2's picture

I think for now joining the SPCrew is the thing that I want the most, but my parents don't want to pay :'(
LeslieA's picture

Tout ça donne envie de rejoindre le SPCrew...à réfléchir!
Shaula's picture

I really want to join SP Crew but my parent's don't allow me =((
PCMan's picture

would really SO want to join SP Crew but i dont have credit card :(
llisa's picture

I joined SPC and I met Simple Plan:) SPC is the best group I've ever joined in my whole life
sillu's picture

I'm a proud member.
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im so proud to be one of the spcrew :DD
colleen puras's picture

shit im dirt shit poor unless i would anyway i can win one plz
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wow just found out im in this video.. its soooooo amazing being part of the spcrew.. ive loved them since 2002 but that was my first show and i got to go to sound check and meet them.. it was one of the best days of my life... THANKS SPCREW.. LOVE SIMPLE PLAN :)
Sonia's picture

I'm a proud member :P Never got the chance to meet you yet but someday I know my dream will come true :D