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Random Vlog, Watch Now: You Alright?


Amanderz's picture
on May 3, 2012 - 1:31pm

Sometimes, you just need to know if Simple Plan is alright. And now we know.


ishangeksdiilovesSP's picture

I see what you did there ! XD hahaha ! ilooveitBELIMATS (verymuch) XD
Lotta_3's picture

I'm alright too (: <3 Luv U Guys <33
Tuna Kaynak's picture

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love thaaaat!!! Enjooooyyyy!!! Love yaaa :D
Pamela Patricia Cañas Vargas's picture

This kind of things is for what I love u!!!! jajajaja BY NOW I KNOW U'R ALRIGHT!!!! JAJAJA
SamTat's picture

haha it's funny :))
Saul's picture

Hahaha this is alright ;)
doro crazy bang's picture

David is the best :D
Tam VM's picture

hahahaha!!!! oh you're amazingly random and funny!! love you guys!!! :D
Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Haha. xD J'adore cette vidéo !!
x0Krystal.Mx0's picture

Haha, I love how they all laugh at the end. Good to know you boys are alright!
LeslieA's picture

I'm alright now! Juste illarant, et puis David = :') ♥♥
_MartinaFalce's picture

Shaula's picture

Lol hahahahaha XD your so funny guys :D
EliseSPierre's picture

You're funny !! :P
Nicole 3&#039;s Simple Plan's picture

haha thats funny guys lol andnow im allright to and cant wait to se u on June 10th
Sonia's picture

Now i'm alright too ;-)
Aiyana J. Harris's picture

I wonder what book Seb is reading?? I LOVE the laugh at the end. XD
Thanairi's picture

I'm right! :) hahahahaha
Nayara's picture

David, u look so zen Funny vlog.. love it.
SPsavedLo's picture

if you're alright I'm alright too, guys...I'm not sure that David is alright HUAHUAHUAUH ^^
Pechán's picture

Love the way David sits xD
phasha18's picture

Is it just me or did David sound like he had an Australian accent when he said it? Either way it made my morning, :D
danidsm's picture

hahaha funny video! love it :)
EMILIE_7's picture

OMG une autre vidéo FUN!!!!! You Alright? hahaha
Ambre220's picture

Haha I loved this....this is why i love these guys! And is it just me or does anyone else think it sounds like David has an australian or british accent hahaha
SAMSTAAR_93's picture

I'm certainly alright now ^^D!
Sophiesue's picture

also loved it when they laughed at the end hahaha
Sophiesue's picture

it's good to know that everyone is alright lol EPIC video guys XD
MargueritePL's picture

hahaha Ur sooo stupid :D:D:D love U :D:D
biancacarmo's picture

you guys are the best hahahah :)