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Random backstage shot

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Posted by Pierre


MonzzCherry's picture

lOOK AT YOU!!! You're beautiful I know you heard it before....Whoever said that beauty's on the inside is a liar Cause, what I'm looking at right now Would make a girl cry'' HAHA you are so beautiful!

Valentine's picture

Pierre, you're so hot ! *-* ♥

Alinush's picture

you're sexy and you know it!

pulsario's picture

seriously, i wanna eat you.

s_chaa's picture

J'adore <3

KamoloveSP's picture

<3 trop sexy ^^

Stephanie P.'s picture

looking sexy.

seb-astronaut's picture

Why so sexy?!

Lucia_SP's picture

You look so good... like always!!! :D

itjustdenise's picture

dayum, id tap that ;) hahahah

EliseSPierre's picture

you're always so sexy

cindywonderland_2's picture

wooooo... sexy pose! haha

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Vaerjs's picture

Your face is so cute here. You look like a younger guy in this pic, like you were almost a teenager.
Don't misunderstand, it doesn't want to be a negative criticism!

danidsm's picture

very nice :))

JessicaDonadio's picture

where's david???

ellicarnevali's picture

Pierre, why the hell are u ALWAYS looking so good in every pic? :D

MarinaParagvaj's picture

niceee :))

Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Très jolies couleurs :3 et tes fringues sympas ;D

GeeBeeEs's picture

thought there was some naked chick behind you on the sofa for some reason

Susy86's picture

Sei sexy con ogni cosa addosso!