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I'll have the ribs...

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Posted by Seb


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it's a very large portion.. @seblefebvre

Tam VM's picture

look delicious!!! bon appetit :)
btw, love your new look with that red and white napkin on you neck :D haha

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haa en plus j'ai faim :D miam ;) bonne appétit !

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Bon appétit !!

AstronautSelle's picture

Enjoy eating! :D You're cute with that napkin XD

Charlie_Percussion's picture

I´m hungry :nerd:

MonicaSP's picture

*O* Mmm !

Clem Cranberry's picture

HiHiHiHiHi !!! <3 :p

x0Krystal.Mx0's picture

Mmm, yummy!

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seb you're cuteee :DDDD

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Damn :O

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All it needs is a lil bit of mac n cheese mashed taters with some corn bread and broccoli and cheese

Sonia's picture

Bon appétit :) Belle bavette en passant :D

Diana Franco's picture

........meanwhile ........... I'M STARVING ! XD

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Appétissant...? Jolie serviette sinon :P

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I also had today :-) Was sooo good.

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Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Trop choux (L)

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Beurk,mais si tu aimes c'est ce qui compte après tout c'est toi qui mange sa!!! Bonne photos sinon,lol.

ninie446's picture

Bon appétit, ça donne envie ;)

Lucia_SP's picture

With a napkin like a children to not staining you! lol
Enjoy the meal!!! :D

AnaelDuha's picture

miam !! bonne appétit bien sur ^^

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ooww, that looks delicious, i'm HUNGRYY!!

doro crazy bang's picture

Bon appetite! :)