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Love from Zurich!

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Posted by Chuck


LSkylarPochatko's picture

I would have sent you guys flowers but all they would do is die in the mail D;;;;;

LSkylarPochatko's picture

So pwetty I think they're tulips

Tam VM's picture

aww what kind of flowers are these? they're so beautiful!! :3

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Charlie_Percussion's picture

love is all you need x3

Clem Cranberry's picture

Whaooooou !!! Superbe

OnVacation95's picture

the flowers are so beautiful :3

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AstronautSelle's picture

Wow! My favorite flower :D It's so beautiful!

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Belles fleurs ! :)

Lucia_SP's picture

Wooww really beautiful!!! :D

MonicaSP's picture

Woow :O

Clem Cranberry's picture

*-* :D

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Sonia's picture

Beautiful...thank you :D

LorenzPlikore's picture

so beatiful..

Saul's picture

Ooohh, I LO....., never mind, cool man hahaha

ClaireSP's picture

OMFG you are here already? Can't wait 2 c u tomorrow @Loudfestival. :D <3 I'm gonna wave, so wave back. ;)

BPysa's picture

Beautiful flowers.

Minky's picture

beautiful :)

Solaine's picture

Very beautiful <3

Leanadora's picture

My fav flowers :)

HenniAstronaut's picture

aww tulips :D:D looks like summer =)

Cintia Recla Pignaton's picture

So beautiful!! =)

doro crazy bang's picture

Oh sweeet! Thank you Chuck! Love back :)

Geraldine Cordón's picture

Thanks Chuck!!

Franciane's picture

Beautiful flowers :-)