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Chady, you make me look good..... LOL. -pre show, Copenhagen.

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Posted by Pierre


Diana cv's picture

:OOOO he's sexy and he knows it!
His tattoos are so HOT!

Karen19's picture

OMG, so sexy ♥.♥

My Heart Is For SP's picture

magnifique!!!Trop belle photo!

Paola Soares's picture

que saude!!!

Priscilla Escobedo's picture

I love your tattoos! :)

Naospirt25's picture

wow... you're soo PERFECT!!

marya ester's picture

Guapisimo...... Guapo, te vez muy bien.....

Mandy Mayer's picture

Meu Deus ... tããããooo lindoooo!!! Que saúde hahaha ♥

nadia bernardo's picture

OMG I want him in my house

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AriannaGiago's picture

OH GOSH! *-* U'RE SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

melissavbisetti's picture

I wanna eat you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm_addicted_to_David's picture


audrey777's picture

your so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MiriamAngeles's picture

Hot as hell!! Pierre I love you since i was 7!! :') Chady YOU ARE A GENIUS! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Catarina Nogueira's picture

*o* Delicious , delicious... sz

MonzzCherry's picture

God bLESS CHADY! <3.<3

Pierre.'s picture

♥.♥you are veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sexyyy♥.♥

Blanca SP's picture

Woooouu!! Very sexy Pierre!!! ♥.♥

sofhahn's picture

my gaash, guess what's my screensaver is now?

bruniaazeredo's picture

thank you Chade
Pierre so sexy

Carla Santos's picture

jesus :O
A greek god ladies and gentleman *.*

Makui_ft_SP ♪♫'s picture

That is a sexy body....Woaaah Pierre that's unfair!!!!!! You look so perfect! :DD Grrrr....

Arcanna's picture

ahhhh so sexy Pierre <3<3 *_*

Noora Syrjälä's picture

So freaking HOT!!!! So so sexy.

simpleplanfan1's picture

marry me pierre, now :O

Squidebom's picture

girl look at that body girl look at that body girl look at that BODY. I work out!

nownna umaya's picture

please follow @simpleplanSPCI (Simple Plan Crew Indonesia) on twetter :)) XD

splover13's picture

OMG it's a sexi Beast!

nownna umaya's picture

enak kayanya yah..