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Check out some cool pics with our @vasuma eyewear

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Posted by Pierre


pulsario's picture

you look a bit nerdy, but that doesn't matter with all the radius that comes off you! SHOO HOT

simplegirl_2's picture

so handsome mr desrosiers :)

SP_Lenka_SP's picture

amazing pic!:) love you david

AdriAstronaut's picture

David looks like a hot teacher here! :D

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Trop classe ! :D

Shaula's picture

Handsome David :> ♥

Pechán's picture

skfhsogewiousjgbowusrgbowsgjb <3

astronaut_chiba's picture

Amazing pic :) x

Tuna Kaynak's picture

David whats uuuup:D:D hahah i think thats very cool hah:) i'm voted :D

Lucia_SP's picture

David!!!!! *__*

belenSP's picture

You're sooo cute <3