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Haha! My socks match the carpet!!

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Posted by Seb


Squidebom's picture

I'm just wondering what the other people have thought when seb was taking that picture :D lol

LeslieA's picture

Tuant! C'est preque les meme xD!

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Nice one Seb :D

Tam VM's picture

hahahha love your socks!!! and the carpet :D

LorenzPlikore's picture

jajajaja.. funny!!!

carlox962708sp's picture

Hahaha,awesome ! (:

x0Krystal.Mx0's picture

Haha, oh Sebastien! Lovely ;p

Clem Cranberry's picture

Mdr' !!! :DD

Minky's picture

hahahaha :DD

Squidebom's picture

This is so random, but also what you always except from seb :DD

Nicole 3's Simple Plan's picture

lol thats awesome seb

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LOL! i love u seb:3

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love the carpet!
love your socks!
and love your shoes Seb ;P nice pic XD

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I knew this pic had been posted by Seb :D

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that's some nice perspective ^^

i like when socks match the carpet, too. we don't have one at home, so i walk barefoot. lol

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xDD J'adore ♥

seb-astronaut's picture

i like your socks :D
and the photo, cause nobody else would post such pointless pics ;D

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why did I know that this pic is from Seb BEFORE I saw the "posted by Seb" ? haha, typical Seb-photo xD

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Haha Love them (:

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Mdr, jolies chaussettes. :D

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hahahaha love it!

Mz. Comeau's picture

This is awesome. I want the pair your wearing here. lol

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Super!! I want a pair of those socks :)

Susy86's picture

you do not see that you like the colors :D no no :D

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That can't be good xD

angieangel08's picture

LOL of course they would! Love you Seb ;)

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nice socks seb ;D