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I had to take down my Legos, but this new award looks great in my studio!

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Posted by Seb


LeslieA's picture

En lisant le titre de la photo...{réfléxion}... Séb!
Fière de vous les gars! :D

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Seb, you´re adorable <3

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Congratulation Sebastién

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Félicitation :) ♥

Valentine's picture

Congrats ! ♥

A123's picture

congrats for all these awards!!!

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poor lego people. im sure they'll find a new home. and honestly i think that a Juno will forever be more important than lego,,,, sorry Seb. ;-P

coolest-of-them-all's picture

maybe you should've posted a pic of your legos too. many people want to see them XD

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Woow :D On est si fière de vous !! :)

Hope's picture

Congrats!!!! but i bet the Legos looked really awesome on the shelf...

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such a shame I didn't got to see your legos, but congrats for your many awards :)

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Wow I'm so proud of how many awards u have :D

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Félicitation pour ce new trophée :D ♥

Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Félicitations encore une fois ;D Méritées c'est sûr =))

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Je suis trop fière d'être fan de vous. ♥

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:) I'm so proud of you

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wow! those awards r gorgeous!

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So cool!! :)

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Nice !!!!

Stephanie P.'s picture

this is just awesome! so great to see you and the guys getting all these. You guys deserve it!
btw, I just hope the Legos are in a cool place right now ;)

Susana Rodrigues's picture

So beautiful!!!
Congratulations =D

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Cool! I hope the legos went to a better place.

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congratulations Seb!

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COOL!!! xD
really awesome :D

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wow..... >.< really cool n awesome

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really cool!

sonia_italy's picture my page :)

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wow! awesome!! one request.. come back soon in Italy! you all miss here so much! love