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SP Receive Allan Waters Humanitarian Award at 2012 Juno Gala


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on April 1, 2012 - 8:40am

For their work with the Simple Plan Foundation, the guys were rewarded with the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award at last night's Junos Gala. Check out a pic of the boys receiving the award for their amazing charity work!


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guys you so amazing!you are #1........very very very very very proud of you mwuaaah!
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Very very Proud of you!! ^^
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On est fière de vous ! :)
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this is the only band who the same time helping the people and the charity.. you guys rockk..
lifeincartoon's picture

proud too.
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I`m so proud of you, you really diserved this award! you inspire me so much :) love you
NuShEx_SP's picture

Congratulations guys! You really deserved it!! :D
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Congrats :D You surely deserve it <3 I'm so damn proud *-*
Nicole 3&#039;s Simple Plan's picture

Congratulations guys
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Thanks Simple Plan! .. you deserve it!
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aww you do deserve it!! congratulations, keep going and getting hearts on!! :)
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Félicitations, vous le méritez tellement!! Vous êtes sur votre 36...SEXY!!!
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So Proud of you guys!!! Truly well deserved, I love you guys..stay humble!
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YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME!! <3 What were you guys talking about with Pierre after you performed? something about the stage? haha you guys were great! i was at one of your concerts, you guys really did deserve it!!!
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Congratulations guys, you really deserved it! :)
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Congratulations!!! You are the best band in the world! I love you!:)
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Guys, you're an only word: AMAZING. :) All of your fans are very proud of you, and we are very proud to be SP fans :D.
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Félicitations les guys ! :) ♥
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Can't wait to watch you tonight... from Brazil! :D
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congrats, you really deserved it! proud to be an astronaut<3
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I'm sooooo proud of you and all you've done and still do. You truly deserve it. ♥
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congratulations guys! u deserve it! love u!! come back to so cal!
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Bravo, c'est vraiment incroyable ce que vous faites et vous méritiez amplement ce prix... :D Continuez ce que vous faites, vous êtes incoyable... <3<3<3 Vous êtes les meilleurs...
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I can't tell nothing else than you all deserve it and your team you worked with too when so many people work together and in good forme look what was made, the best band ever and the best team of people that helped you to make it happen. I'm so proud almost 'm crying :')
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Congrats guys!!!! you guys deserved it ;D I'm so proud ;)
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Vous le méritez grandement ! Félicitation à vous. (a)