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Where is @seblefebvre? In Milano!

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Posted by Seb

- Sébastien. Mobile



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Come Back in Italy early Please!!!

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I miss you guys! Back to Italy!

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if i think that at i was there at the same time they were and i haven't see them it keeps me bad!!

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I want to go there :');)

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Do you like Milano?
tonight is gonna be GREAT!!
Milano loves you ;)

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Seb ! xD

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Où suis-je? :D
Ha.. non.. je n'y suis pas moi. C'est dommage! :P

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You guys just see the greatest sights don't you?

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? Séb" Je t'aimee :D

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Yearh Seb ?

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were can i get shoes like his cuase there AMAZING oh and his glasses ??!!! :P

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Hahaha Seb look happy!! xD

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f* it je regrette de pas être venu...

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Cute pic ;P

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yeah! cool :P

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so amazing.. u look awsome lol. hey wheres summer paradise?? XO

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his body looks kinda cutee ??

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You're so cute! I love this shot! Gorgeous!

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Woow il est content mon petit Sebby ! :D

CaRiNa_5's picture's a big building O__O

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This picture looks amazing :D

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have fun :)

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oh it's really hard to see simple plan in Italy, my country and know that I'm at home.

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oooh nice

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Beautiful !!! Enjoy :D