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Watch Now: "Summer Paradise" ft. Sean Paul!


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on March 31, 2012 - 8:42am

Summer starts now with the world premiere of the "Summer Paradise" video featuring Sean Paul! Check it out below. #SummerStartsNow


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i have just watch it, its amazing video i'm impressed :D
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loooooove it! <3 summer is coming! :)
Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Magnifiquement beau ! :D ♥
MichelleCZ's picture

this is best video ever, the cd "Get your heart on" is best ever!!! love you guys :)
Marlena's picture

Amazing!!! I like this !!!
Martina_4's picture

è una meravigliaaa *--*
sonia_italy's picture

Amazing video! my page :D
mariamargaretha's picture

this video is great but totally makes me jealous! i'm envy with the girls,HUUUWWAAAA :__( they're so luckkyyyyy .__.
Tam VM's picture

totally in love!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3 it's like so your style!! seriously, in love <3 :3
ROUSS_2's picture

I love your video guys, you're great, the best band ever and you Pierre.. oh you look so sexy in this video I love you so much that you don't imagine it love you guys kisses and hugs from ARGENTINA
Nicole 3&#039;s Simple Plan's picture

I love this video and I also love the australian video that u guys did for ur austrinadian fans they r both fantastic and i love the new page b4 u get into the website about it as well. See u guys when u come to Sunshine Coast In June
Sarah_39's picture

Best video ever...summer is coming :)
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i love the new video!!! its great
shir_comeau's picture

its very besutifull ................ chuck♥ is very hot in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and david
DaniAlejandra's picture

Its a really beautiful video! really really good! I love it :) you are the beeeeeeest !!
x0Krystal.Mx0's picture

Beautiful place to film the video! Just in love with it.! Love the funny and sweet moments! <3
Sonia's picture

OMG...what a beautiful video !!! It's just perfect !!! Pierre, why do you have to be so sexy ?? I almost fainted :D Thank you guys, you did a great always !!! You're the best :D
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thats beautiful
Dominika Fojutowska's picture

no words... great!
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sorry for the super long comment lol
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woke up at 6am to watch it, but been super duper sick so as soon as it was over i passed back out with a smile. i cant let being crazy sick keep me from being involved in the video premier. Gotta let the guys knoe how much i love it! summer paradise is one of my fav songs off the new album... it was my favorite for a period of time. i LOVE it! and i LOOOOOVE the video! you guys had to be all celebrity and teasers and make us wait and anticipate forever! Of course it was worth the wait! but you were KILLING us!! Making us wait to see u in ur trunks. LOVE the shots in the water, wish there were more where u could see u really well in the water, but i like that part most. There should br more of u guys in there too tho, at least where we can see u better. since the shots changed so much it was hard to get to get a good look at ya'll. ehich TRUST ME is what we want, but reguardless it was an AMAZING video. u guys never disappoint. u should also definitly do one with k'naan. I really like sean pauls part, but I LOVE Love k'naan's part. I think u should have had more than one video, like witb "jet lag." I love u guys so much tho. I feel very sad that the US gets so little of you guys.... I THOUGHT you guys were gonna be on warped again this yr cuz u keep saying "US in 2012 as well! and u dont say when and asia and europe and canada... and u dont say WHEN ur gonna do the us in 2012. so i figured warped would be perfect, but they said they finished announcing the mainstage bands... =( So Cal really misses you! I can be ur so cal summer paradise guide! Lets get our trend on! #summerparadise #summerstartsnow also the server made me change my password and deleted my pic with me and chuck, so i went to change it to the one with me and pierre, but its saying theres issues.... sadface. hopefully i can get my default pic up... and hopefully i can upload pics of last years warped tour. remind you why u need to come back ;)
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As if it was the word of god coming from his mouth.
USuckAtLove's picture

I just love it! it's amazing guys! good job ♥ love you :)
IHaveACoolName's picture

Already on my favourites list. Even better than expected :)
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Cette video est juste magnifique. Je ne peux pas m'empecher de la regarder !!!!
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Amazing video guys !! <3
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amazing video guys you're awesome!
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Amazing video.I love it..:)
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ed .... wow! was perfect, congratulations to you guys! I see all the time now!!
Silvia lol's picture

eu ameeiii.... nossa ficou perfeito, parabens para voces! vou ver direto agora!!!!