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Track by Track: Loser of the Year


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on May 23, 2011 - 10:10am

Today, the guys are here to explain one of their favorite tracks "Loser of the Year." Take a look at the video below and if you haven't heard the track yet, there's a nice preview at the end. Want the MP3 download now? Pre-order the album now & you'll get it immediately.


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I LOVE this song!! Is amazing, I'm dying to listen all the album!!
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Another great song from Simple Plan, love you ?
Astronaut_Sue's picture

I love the lyrics of "Loser of the Year" but I love the acoustic version MORE than the Rock version! when you hear the acoustic version first, you feel bad, when you listen to the rock version, it sounds not so good, not so emotional :-( But I love simple plan and it's okay. ? love you simple plan
Days's picture

Wow! This sounds like another awesome song. I can't wait to hear it all! I love your hat Pierre! I like your shirt too Seb!
mahmudi's picture

Mantap pak bos....
SARALARISA's picture

Awesome song and great lyrics! Can't wait for JUNE 21!! :) LOVE YOU THE MOST! ?????
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I love it !!!
Masara's picture

Loser of the year is amazing!
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my favourite so far! :D greaaaaat song, guys, congrats *-* you make me wanna shut it all dooooooooooooown, throw it awaaaaaaay (8)
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That's an awesome bakerboy you're wearing Pierre! xD Looks good on you, although it does makes you look older. :P
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Sounds great. I can't wait to listen to the rest
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Je l'aime tellement Loser Of The Year !! les paroles sont tellement bonne
Safino's picture

It's AWESOME!! Love u simple plan :)
Fer_SP's picture

i can't wait to hear iiit!!! *-*
mythreeLs's picture

Hay algo que no entiendo, hacéis un sinfín de canciones sobre la fama, que es algo que atrapa y realmente no es tan bueno como lo pintan... y luego a mi me da la impresión que últimamente os habéis vendido mucho. Antes todas las canciones tenían algo que enseñarme, ahora algunas lo tienen, otras no... en este ultimo disco no encuentro toda la fuerza que teníais a los inicios. Sois mi grupo favorito y lo seguiréis siendo, pero siento que ya no sois lo que erais.
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I´m addicted to this song! I can´t stop to listen it
JanelLa's picture

wooow (: i somehow knew that this song would be amazing too , like all the songs on GETYOUR
July_2's picture

Cette chanson est géniale, une superbe énergie Rock N Roll, love it! :D ?
Lindsey Trimble's picture

Once again i love your chair your sitting in pierre. zebra sweet! and the song sound's awesome where all a #LoserOfTheYear sometimes it's ok .:D
x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

I love this tune!!! You guys are so amazing :D Love you!
keana_SPforever's picture

ses quelle la prochaine chanson qu'ont va pouvoir entendre:)
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I just LOVE this song! It's my favourite so far from GYHO :) Oh & Pierre you look absolutely handsome in this vid ;)
Sophiesue's picture

Love the song guys ;) Can't stop listen to it XD
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This new song is just so cool !! Vivement le 21 Juin !!!
keana_SPforever's picture

la chanson est trop bonne
RachLaDudette's picture

Me = Absolutely mindblown! I can tell i'm so gonna enjoy this record!
magoo's picture

Such a cool song
DontGiveADamn's picture

already watched it on sp crew :D