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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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Mariana_13's picture

I love all the songs!!

Marcus Montero's picture

I'm still starStruck from the concert here's in the philippines!!!!!!cant wait for you guys to go back here!!!

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Muz Schweiger's picture

Simple plan is the best band forever !
i'm so happy , tomorrow (26th.march.2012) i see Simple plan in Vienna !!
their songs are so beautiful and cool , so cool i ever heard... !!

Federico Cabral's picture

I love all the songs I love simple plan

IhartSP's picture

SIMPLE PLAN IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!! AND I ESPECIALLY LOVE PIERRE... my fav songs are loser of the year and astronaut

AmY.'s picture

I knOw evEry woRd tO eVery LyriC,To eVerY sOng, On thIs aLbuM...

robin lee stelter's picture

i mamorized all those song s

franzhexa's picture

i memorized all those songs..! lol

Bibs_2's picture

astronaus :-* and this song saved my life :-*

35Pearly35's picture

This CD is perfect..i love all songs :D ?

Gypsy's picture

love this album!:) especially loser of the year!

Arzur's picture

wouha ! trop bon !!!

sara_16's picture

I really like all of the songs they have

Inzaanity's picture

anyone tht knows the piano notes for Loser of the year it whould be really nice if u did and u could send me those whoud love u then

Marisodio's picture

i just can't stop listening to it... i've always been a simple plan fan and i can't believe i'm finally going to the concert in Madrid... IT'S ON MONDAY OMG CAN'T WAIT!

Yudi Saputra™'s picture

All Songs...
I Like

riz simple hardcore's picture

I really like the album the band simple plan album I really like them

USuckAtLove's picture

T he best album ever! love you guys! good job! ? Hope to see you in argentina!!

sillykimy's picture

Quel bon album!! Je l'adore et je l'écoute sans arrêt!!!! Je suis une grande fan depuis longtemps et je n'ai pas de mots pour vous dire combien j'ai apprécié passer ma soirée en votre compagnie au show d'Ottawa. Chanter et danser avec vous et vos fans m'a fait décrocher de mon quotidien!! Merci d'être qui vous êtes et de faire ce que vous faites!!! À très bientôt xxx

Sarah Richard's picture

I have been a Simple Plan fan for as long as I can remember. I've played your music all my life and I absolutly adore every song you have ever made. This CD is fantastic (like all the others) but theres something special and different about it. I really appreciated the thank you video when I uploaded the songs to my ipod from the CD. I listen to this album constantly just playing it over and over again I love you guys I always have and I always will thank you for being so amazing!
Get Your Heart On!!!!!!!!

muhtari's picture

I'd Love this page...hahaaha

Screamocie LucifeRose II's picture

Jet Lag feat Natasha Bedingfield and Astronaut
i love it... :*

edson's picture

please,sp, show in brazil , porto alegre, in pepsi on stage,ok please!!!!!!!

Anne Enriquez's picture

latest album.. gonna try these one.. rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

florencia_2's picture

please !!!!!!!!!!! im florencia i'm living in ARGENTINA pleasee come hereeeeee plaseeee!!!!!!!!!!

Anisah Azizah's picture

Love Love Love

ryguy111's picture

sick @$$ concert at john labate center last night. nice preformance. nice double encore

TielmaKarabinaSP's picture

I'm a huge fan of yours,you guys! I'm an Albanian,actually living in Sofia,Bulgaria and i would FREAKING love it if you could come to Sofia for your European tour :')

Diogo Malta's picture

thank you so much to come PORTUGAL :)