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having fun on @chuckcomeau 's kit. I love drums. Much more fun than singing!! : p

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Posted by Pierre


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Dont switch parts D:

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haha! I like drums too but you are the best singer !!!!

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sure XP drum is much funnier that anything else

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mabye you and CHUCK can switch places even if its just for one show !!!! is he a good SINGER !!!???

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Mdr, excellent! ;-)

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Hahahaha LOL
You're so crazyy!!!!! ;D

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Can Chuck sing ?!

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yeah,absolutely nothing u can't do!:D

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I wish that I could play drums ;-)
Great pic ;P I think I should print it and stick it on my wall XD

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hahaha I was thinking of the same thing, let's hear Chuck's singing and Pierre in the drums :D

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cool drummer boy xD

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@sherrridan haha yes...

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swap with chuck then, i wanna hear chuck sing LOL

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hey hey, singing fking rocks too. com'on pierre u know u love singing. lol but u look friggin incredible on a drum set too... love it so much! seen u play drums. u rock lol

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awesome picture =D

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Haha, drums are awesome! Looks odd seeing you behind them though, to be honest.

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I LOVE IT!!!!!

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great pic! =)

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You'd be great drumer but Pierre... Chuck is better xD I bet that if Chuck could be a singer he'd still love drums more than microphone xD

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Awesome!! You would be a great drummer!! xoxo =D

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Woo~you look great!!

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Yeah !! :D Tu pourrais pas transpiré comme Chuck aussi quand il joue ? :D
ça serait cool *3*

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Dude you look beautiful !! :) ? But ... DON'T EVER STOP SINGING IT COULD KILL ME !! :o

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haha Pierre did this at the Jet Lag video shoot too xD got some interesting pics

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Nice picture ;)

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you look so cool :) good job dude :)

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oh pierre.........

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haha so funny