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Summer Paradise Video Shoot

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Posted by Amanderz

Photo by Chady Awad



karoline_3's picture

I love you!!

Djaleesa's picture

Gosh look at the great view, the blue sky//blue sea.. the green... Davind is kinda in the way.... haha Noo David is making this pic,.. picture perfect

Ezzat's picture

so.. blue * o*

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Saul's picture

Summer...(Long breath)... Paradise :)

Roberta Pozzi's picture

è bellissima!

David's Wife's picture

my david *--*

Andy252's picture

The paradise!

lovinSP's picture

so cute!!!!

x0k.m_loves_sp's picture


Sonia's picture

Sexy David !!! I really love this picture !!! OMG....I want to be in these arms :D

Doux Desrosiers's picture

Do you wanna fly?
Just the Angels can fly... Angels like you!!!!!
so remember don't forget to hug me before you go :')
? **** I ***** LOVE ***** YOU ***** SO ***** MUCH *** ?

Joulié_2's picture

I want to be there with you

Sophiesue's picture

WOW David ;P love this pic lol

Shaula's picture

looks like heaven :3 ? lol just kidding handsome davie! ?

LeslieA's picture

Envol toi David..!

CayleenOmeara's picture

You're gorgeous David!

SimplePlanet's picture

Tu veux un câlin ? Parce qu'il se trouve que c'est possible

doro crazy bang's picture

Just one word:WOW!

MonicaSP's picture

Belle photo :)

Nieves García's picture

cvhncglauctgngslvnjvlzgvnliu AMAZING!!!! COLOURS AND DAVID (L) X)

Auralya's picture

Beautiful Pic... David always so beautiful (l)

SPAstronaut_2's picture

This picture is just AMAZING ! This is sooooo beautiful!

angieangel08's picture

David!!!! Looking amazing as usual ;)