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Summer Paradise Video Shoot

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Posted by Amanderz

Photo by Chady Awad



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Nice pic!

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Thank you guys for seeing Barbados as worthy for this video. I always loved your music before, but now I have a new appreciation for it. I live here and I never even get to just sit by, relax and just enjoy these west coast sunsets.

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J'aime cette photo!

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This is beautiful!

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? TroOot Beaux :D

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How beautiful!!!
This will be my new wallpaper

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WOW this is beautiful *_*

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This is so beautiful :) It my wallpaper now

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How beautiful!

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Wow.. it's beautiful.,

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wow... Just stunning!

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Perfect =)

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WOW! Such a beautiful picture! So calming photo.

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On dirait une de ces photos qui sont... trop rares. Vous êtes pas prêt d'oublier tout ces moments, et nous, on n'est pas prêt de s'arrêter de le regarder votre clip un fois qu'il sera sortit... ?____?

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Beautiful pic... A real dream

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Trop beau !!

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Absolutely perfect photograph, well done

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FTW picture~!

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OMG, that's really sweet!

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:O .... LINDO ....

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@___@.. I'm dazzled. It's beautiful there! So jealous that I couldn't/can't be there. I'll have to settle for the video..

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pretty..... :)

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That's so pretty

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awww can't wait to watch the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!