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Summer Paradise Video Shoot

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Posted by Amanderz

Photo by Chady



BurtonS's picture

I agree Pierre is pretty handsome and the picture itself is even more !

Fullshinne's picture

Pierre you are handsome >

Delphine_SP's picture

OMG *-* Pierre you are very very handsome ?

Jamile Faustino's picture

Perfeição:seu sobrenome é Pierre!

Como diriamos no Brasil:

Assim vc me mata!!"


Ana.SP's picture

Oh my god..

x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Oh Pierre

Angie_8's picture

I love it!!!!! :-)

JanaSPCrew's picture

Perfection ?

CrisleaneTp's picture

Nossa ... assim você me mata hehe

ours, so you kill me

Perlaa Lefbvre Comeau's picture

handsome ;)

Perlaa Lefbvre Comeau's picture

you are a sexy boy ;)

_Marei_'s picture

stop beeing so hot wait don't do that !

dindarnt's picture

dafuq ur so sexy man!

Thata's picture

You really awesome, Pierre! can't wait to watch this video :D:D

Jéssie_3's picture

Stop to make people falling in love with u! Dawn, u shoudn't be too perfect like that... i love u too much

cwojo18's picture

Holy fkin sht ur so sexy... Look at that STOMACH! Now THATS a situation! Hahaha! Perfect friggin stomach I swear. Holy crap this is hot lol.

Patricia_10's picture

No words.... OMG!!!

Miss Juune's picture

So niiice! ?

Vicky_8's picture

Wow! Love this! xx

Diana Franco's picture

OMG ¡¡¡¡¡ i die with this photo ¡¡¡¡ r so PERFECT ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ ? , ?

Janet Bouvier's picture

My Pedro You´re Freakin Gorgeous :) o love you so much

Justine-Sp5's picture

Trop bo!

Laly ♥'s picture

I don't know what to say! XD
All is in the photo! You seem to be perfect!

Jessiica''s picture

OhWow.. So daaamn Sexy.. i miss you! come back to CANADA sooon Pierre

Nieves García's picture

mmmmm so sexy :)

severine_chouu's picture

belle photo !

fortin1999's picture

I love you! Ur amazing!

Myllena's picture

u r so perfect !

SP Jane's picture

Wow ! Beautiful

SarahTJ92's picture

That is all.