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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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Andrew Sumendap's picture

Please Come Back To Indonesia?..

Fanny_5's picture

Surement le meilleur groupe que je connaisse. Vous êtes géniaux j'ai hâte que vous passiez à Nantes pour venir vous voir.. Un cd plus que génial, on ne s'en passe pas !! Merci pour cette magnifique musique qu'on aime tant :D ?

marine-Astronaut-loveSP's picture

ca c'est du rock!!! je crois que mes voisins vont porter pleinte je doit les enervers avec le cd mais bon temps qu'il y en a qui aime comme moi...

Mouna benchoubane's picture

You rock guys i love you so much te album is awsome love all the songs

misstiff06's picture

Vous Etes vraiment incroyable!!!!

Kamilia Ananda Anissa's picture

Please come to indonesia for 4th !!!!

rara's picture

And Thank You Very Much that coming to Indonesia for 3rd.. hope there will be 4th !! :D

rara's picture

"Jet Lag" feat Marie Mai,, it's pretty awesome !!

Larissa Gonçalves's picture

Astronaut ?

ilovesimpleplan_7's picture

Does anyone know if they are going to have a new album soon??????

ilovesimpleplan_7's picture

Come back to Singapore!!!!!!!!

frida nabila's picture

Please come back to Surabaya, Indonesia. I miss you so bad!!!!!!!!!!

Klaudia Drzewiecka's picture

Loser Of the Year ? ?

Hana Shauro's picture

Em waiting for 21st June Simple plan.

Arian Jhon Cruzat's picture

Hooooray! Simple Plan!!!!! I can't wait for your next album and your next concert here in the philippines !! get your heart on 'cause simple plan will rock us!!!! yeah

Kat Simpson's picture

love the new album you guys rock cant wait for you to come back to australia

Timyself's picture

I was introduced to Simple Plan by my friend Maria ... now I can't stop listening to your music. This album is amazing. I just read how "This Song Saved My Life" was created ... well done, guys!

I will be in the audience when you play Scotiabank Place, Kanata (Ottawa) in February.

J'attends avec intérêt vraiment le concert. Appréciez vos voyages jusqu'à puis.

_maro_'s picture

and famous for nothing, just around the corner and never should have let you go ?? :(

Cesc Bouvier's picture

amo este album

Neiljay's picture

this album is is good and nice to here

and i like all of your music :))

Jeimuzu's picture

i ment leg not hag sorry

Jeimuzu's picture

Jet Hag sounds very good i like it no wait i love it jamming the music.

Jeimuzu's picture

This album is very good i like their music its good. :D

BPysa's picture

Un super album !!!!! ?

fhara bouvier's picture

heart heart heart is so jetlagged ! i miss you so bad 3x !! #SPinIndonesia2012 please comeback again guys !!!!

Iqbal Eka's picture

Back To Summer Paradise in INDONESIA simple plan

dan_4's picture

You rock!the best band ever!thank you for putting a smile on my face everyday..
what a versatile band,that there is always a song for my different moods.
pls. dont stop making songs.pls. dont stop inspiring us.:)pls. be back in the Philippines.I just wish to jump and sing with you on a concert.thank you guys!

Wanda Putra's picture

Thanks for coming to Surabaya,promise me you'll be back someday cause i promise will back to see you !!! matur nuwun, terimakasih, thanks

Ridho Pasoepati's picture

ridho pasoepati

thanks SIMPLE PLAN welcome to indonesia
come to jakarta

I LOVE simple plan

Anish's picture

Come to "INDIA"!!!!!! SIMPLE PLAN