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Get Your Heart On!

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June 21, 2011
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Jeimuzu's picture

i ment leg not hag sorry

Jeimuzu's picture

Jet Hag sounds very good i like it no wait i love it jamming the music.

Jeimuzu's picture

This album is very good i like their music its good. :D

BPysa's picture

Un super album !!!!! ?

fhara bouvier's picture

heart heart heart is so jetlagged ! i miss you so bad 3x !! #SPinIndonesia2012 please comeback again guys !!!!

Iqbal Eka's picture

Back To Summer Paradise in INDONESIA simple plan

dan_4's picture

You rock!the best band ever!thank you for putting a smile on my face everyday..
what a versatile band,that there is always a song for my different moods.
pls. dont stop making songs.pls. dont stop inspiring us.:)pls. be back in the Philippines.I just wish to jump and sing with you on a concert.thank you guys!

Wanda Putra's picture

Thanks for coming to Surabaya,promise me you'll be back someday cause i promise will back to see you !!! matur nuwun, terimakasih, thanks

Ridho Pasoepati's picture

ridho pasoepati

thanks SIMPLE PLAN welcome to indonesia
come to jakarta

I LOVE simple plan

Anish's picture

Come to "INDIA"!!!!!! SIMPLE PLAN

dandesrosiers's picture

i super love this album! hope you come back to the philippines :)

rerydarindany's picture

visit indonesia again.. especially in SURABAYA.. you're rock.. love y'all

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Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

J'adore ! ?

Axeel Darck's picture

from london mexico apodaca adore simple plan are the best of 2012 and my favorite song is astronaut

Sarbear's picture

This is one of those bands that truly defines BFABB.

Aaryn Scott's picture

These guys came into my life 9 years ago!!!!!! Been my favourite band since!!!!! Cant wait to see them in Toronto!!!!!

Júlio Colares's picture

Eu já tenho esse albúm todas as músicas são perfeitas e todas elas eu me identifico....

aika flores's picture

i love simple plan thanks for comming here at philippines hope to see you again :)

kitephoenix's picture

7 years ago..they came to my life. thank you simple plan

Hellocruelworld's picture

damn they chnged a lot some for the better some for the worst but ive been with these guys for so long, theyve helped me with so much all i can say is thank you guys.

Ann_5's picture

Simple Plan's my first ever loved band until now.

cj tambongco's picture

super like!!!....

izarabedin's picture

LIke This!!!

Aily's picture

simple plan is my all-time favourite band!

Simon Veber's picture

awesome album guys you really nailed it :D sounds great, thumbs up

Ingriduchis's picture

they are just AMAZING! love it! completely my favorite album !

Laura Valentina's picture

I love all the songs!

Chiznit's picture

Fudge w< How sad is that?

rajahlyvester's picture

spectacular !