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No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls

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March 19, 2002
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Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

J'aime trop ! :P

BiancaKeynes's picture

I'm Addicted to Simple Plan!! :D

Júlio Colares's picture


hayden_2's picture

go simple plan

Rocker32's picture

I think it's impossible to think of a better album name.

Bella Effendi's picture

Pierre voice .. #loveyah

NicholeS's picture

This album will always be my favorite

montrealgirlSP4ever's picture

mon cd péféré !!! ouin, moi aussi javoue que vtre pochette suck.. :)

stephcheer's picture

following them since im like 6-7 and they are still my favorit band!!!! love u guys :P

fille-de-montréal-love-SP's picture

scuzez, je veu pas vous juger mais jai toujour trouvé que cte pochette la SUCK!

JéssicaFortaleza's picture

Meet You There, best song ever.

Saul's picture


mimesonic's picture

I'm just a kid was the first song i ever heard by Simple Plan. my only regret? i didn't listen to it sooner.

RakRaker_P's picture

They are the Best.. When i Heard them for the first time i thought they suck when i heard them again i started to change.. To Thous haters hate your selves you don't know what your saying..

Lien's picture

Love all songs in this album, love the guys, love this band ever... wait for you in Indonesia next year..

Laly ♥'s picture

The cover is so funny!
I remember my mum didn't like it too (like you Sarahld ;)) !
But for a first album, songs are just amazing! :o
I love!

Benita Agustia's picture

no one or another grup band can replace you i my heart .. i heart you guys !! LOVE YOU SO MUCH ..

SarahLD's picture

I remember, this is the first album I ever bought with my own money. I came to the music store with my mom and she asked the guy for simple plan. He gave it to her and she was surprised. She looked at me and said '' Really, is this the cd you want ?'' ...Seems like she didn't appreciate the half-naked womens...
But this album is one of my favorite ever ! And ''My alien'' is a song i'll never stop loving !

joshnoakes's picture

i love these guys,the best band ever. im in college and i still love to listen to this stuff, no matter what comes out.

Juliemary's picture

these songs will always accompany me my whole life,just so great ! :)

SP_mania135's picture

I love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ilymt's picture

dude i remember being a kid when this came out and i knew all the words the 'rents hated it cause i wouldn't shut up!! "I'M A DICK..."

MissLovegood's picture

Love this album

Kayleigh's picture

I remember when I bought my ex this album I took a sharpie to it to *censor* it. Haha! But I love the cover

lety95astronaut's picture

i love "perfect"

Kushal3008's picture

Too Good.....a drug for me!!!

Saana's picture

Simple Plan on vaan maailman paras bändi

nut_172's picture

i have all the albums except for ths one ); still looking for this ;)

llisa's picture

my favourite album !! but these are all AWESOME

waffledisaster's picture

My favourite album! :)