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Still Not Getting Any

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October 26, 2004
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Luis Angel's picture

Shut up, welcome to my life rocks my favorites

Screamocie LucifeRose II's picture

I LOVE Shut Up ..Welcome To My Life ..Perfect World ..Everytime ..Promise Untitled

hamssalovessimpleplan3's picture

gotta love simple plan

Paulina Máp's picture

aujourd'hui ma chanson préféré est JUMP.....oublies demain, je veux seulement JUMP!!

TyouSP's picture

SHUT UP, WELCOME TO MY LIFE and UNTITLED is my favorite song

koolkat96's picture

i love this whole album! It explains my life so well and its just awesome. My favorites would have to be Welcome to my life and me against the world

Anisah Azizah's picture

Simple Plan can make me CRAZY because they can't stop WELCOME TO MY LIFE and I can't SHUT UP call their name.. :) and EVERYTIME I sad.. their song with the title UNTITLED can make my PERFECT WORLD is coming back.. :) I want say THANK YOU to SIMPLE PLAN because they can make me JUMP and happy and then they are the ONE who is someone can make ME AGAINTS THE WORLD.. :)
finally.. I PROMISE ti my self i will always be SIMPLE PLAN FANS.. :*
Love you.. :) :*

Iqbal Eka's picture

there are many Songs i like, Perfect World, Untiteld, WTML

Crazy is the best
"if you open your eyes,you'll see that something is wrong"

dan_4's picture

i hope i can hang with u!
just being ambitious.

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Welcome to my life, juste merveilleux ! :) ?

BiancaKeynes's picture

Untitled is my favourite in this album! XD

pamzferrer25's picture

..weLc0me t0 my Life is my fav0rite..4ever..simpLe pLan r0cks!!..((:

Júlio Colares's picture

untitled e welcome to my life são meus favoritos

Kashikitoka's picture

ooh, Welcome to my life, yeah i love her
and indeed the album is good

maaarrrcc's picture

check out my drum cover to welcome to my life!! link and share to all your friends.. suscribe aswell :D…

Jess_9's picture

This is when SP started for me.
Thanks SP!
Without Welcome To My Life......I don't know what would've happened.

bagas_sp_2's picture

welcome to my life simple plan :)

Saul's picture

Simple Plan is the reason why nothing anybody says brings me down!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SP :)

Tanja's picture

very good album :D
The best songs are Shut Up, Perfect World, Welcome To My Life,Me Against The World,Jump, One and Promise.

WWW narg KcaJ MMM's picture

Great album!
The best!

mimesonic's picture

The other day i heard Shut up on Malcom in the Middle. Then i had to listen to the whole song next thing I knew four hours had gone by and i was still listening to SP :)

Laly ♥'s picture

That's when I became a David's lover! :D
Yeah, I was watching the video of "Shut up"! :P
I ? you guys ;)
Thanks so much

peggy's picture

tout les albums de simple plan sont génial mais celui ci est mon préféré

Lucia♥SP's picture

Shut up and Welcome to my life are the best songs in album !!!!! i love them ?

Lil Shortie's picture

This is my favourite album. i feel like it coneects with me. i love Welcome to my life and shut up. i love Simple Plan.

joshnoakes's picture

i have loved untitled for as long as i can remember, that song made them my favorite band...EVER!!!!!!

i hope they keep up the good work and are around for a long time.

if you guys ever need a guitarist or someone to play piano it would be a dream come true for me!! just saying.

Roberto Cardona's picture

Because of that album they became my favorite band :)

Roberto Cardona's picture

This album was the first that I bought and I just love it!

SPAstronaut_2's picture

This album is the first album I really fell in love with :D It's my favourite SP album, and actually the one I knew them with :) I can listen to it over and over again, it makes me forget all my problems, and I never get tired of it ! Simple Plan saved so much lives with their songs

Kaat's picture

Welcome To My Life is how I discovered them , it saved my life and I can't thank them enough for that =D