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Simple Plan

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Average: 4.9 (214 votes)
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February 12, 2008
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Tiffany_2's picture

Love you guys soooooooooooooooooooo freakin much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Gabii Giirl's picture

I love all your songs and you too...!!!! [^_^]

STAR SP's picture

i love all song´s!!! >_< ¬¬

Screamocie LucifeRose II's picture

i love SAVE YOU :D

Anne Enriquez's picture

this is when i started listening to the songs of these 5 cute guys... until now..

Coben's picture

Best album

Paulina Máp's picture

i can wait forever........

karla_4's picture

my favorite song is TAKE MY HAND

simpleplanfan1's picture

I can't say my favorite song.....i just can say that this is my favorite SP album....

Estu Susilo's picture


Susullita's picture

Just found it in the part where the CDs and DVDs are in a local bookstore . I'm going to buy it tomorrow ^^

TyouSP's picture

LOVE IS A LIE and WHEN I'M GONE my favorite song in this album

Becka Gecko's picture

This is officially the best album ever made... I'm being completely serious and as un-cheesy as I can be when I say that this album really did change my life...

Salsabila Taufik's picture

keren masa

Anisah Azizah's picture

nice song.. :)
love you soo much Simple Plan... :*

dan_4's picture

even years will pass,its still the same---your songs made me on an LSS.thnx

Natasha Fales's picture

LlLlLlLlOoOoOoVvVvVeEeEeE IiIiIiIiIiTtTtTtTtTt!!!!

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

Magnifiques chansons. ?

Júlio Colares's picture

eu adoro when I'm gone ,love is a lie e save you... na verdade todas as músicas são legais

hayden_2's picture


Kashikitoka's picture

5, 7 and 11 tracks, straight rod

Dan Chadwick's picture

ur love is a fuckin LIE yea

MariaSP's picture

yeii!!! i love the song i can wait forever!! the beginning is beautiful...... you look so beautiful today, when you're sitting there is hard for me to look away :)

Sheng Bouvier Cervantes's picture


bagas_sp_2's picture

great album,i love it !!

Ericwithak's picture

The bass is so much more grooving here. Love it!

boy chandra's picture

The best album,!!

aLL song my favorite .. :)

alesiitha de bouvier's picture

the best album and my favorite song isyour love is a lie

MyraMieyra's picture

ALL SONG is my favvy

Tanja's picture

the best album you've released so far, my favorite :) :D
I hope that the next album will be similar to this one :)
the best songs from this album are The end, No love, Save you, Holding On , Love Is A Lie and What If .