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    (11 May '11)

    Hey Fans,


    We created this category to hear what you think about the site.  Are you guys enjoying cellstream, the music page, and being able to upload content?  Are there features you would like us to add?  Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated.  Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at


    - The SP WebCrew

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on May 11, 2011 - 4:10pm

Hey Fans,


We created this category to hear what you think about the site.  Are you guys enjoying cellstream, the music page, and being able to upload content?  Are there features you would like us to add?  Your feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated.  Comment here or shoot us an e-mail at


- The SP WebCrew

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Deborah de Oliveira's picture

PIERRE, you remember the show you've made in BRAZIL FESTIVAL OF MUSIC SWU in November? I was there * - * was a dream come true to see you, I almost died when you sent me a kiss .. I was very happy .. LOVE YOU TOO!!
Congratulations for 10 years!! million kisses!

PS: Come back soon to BRAZIL! ?

Maddie.SP.LOVER's picture

this website is AMAZING! but the email doesn't work :(

Djaleesa's picture

site is amazing.. love that you can choose between different skins... an open chatroom would be nice..
btw any possibility that you can sent me the background of the last skin, so i can put it on my phone

Jet van der Doelen's picture

Ohh, and the chat function while you were live was pretty bad.
I couldn't say anything because it immidiately logged me out.

Jet van der Doelen's picture

The design is fantastic!
The site is a bit slow sometimes but it can be my browsers fault.
Something I miss; uploading more pictures at the same time would be really helpful!
Go on like this, you guys rock:D

Lissa101010's picture

Well, the website rocks. Certainly no complaints. I have been an SP fan for 10 years, and in a few months I'll be having a little SP Fan! Trust me, she will be influenced with this kick ass music. Thank you for so many memories and many more to come.

Tiffany Griggs's picture

I started listening to you 10 years ago, when I was 14! You've been my favorite band for 10 years! Now I'm 24 and I saw you for the first time in Paris this weekend! I just happened to be here studying abroad in Caen, and couldn't pass up the opportunity. I got some tickets from scalpers and missed the last train home just to see you! One of the most amazing memories of my LIFE! :D Thank you!! :) :) :)

Laly ♥'s picture

Well just one thing: I am a bit disappointed because I never receive mails from the Newsletter,is it normal?

SimplePlan_50's picture

This website is wonderful. Même si j'ai un peu de mal avec l'anglais :))

Laly ♥'s picture

I think the site is really great, thank you very much! :)
Well, I'd like to thanks SP for all the happiness given to us ?

Berlianti_Wijaya's picture

I Love Simple Plan..

Mel_Addicted's picture

I have a suggestion for the SPCrew page if they can read this.. There should be a button that we can choose to click that says "Keep me logged in" or something. Because everytime I close it, even for a few minutes, and I re-open it, I have to put my email and password back in and it gets annoying haha. Other than that, GOOD JOB :D!

Meggyboo12's picture

omgoodness! you guys are awesome! this website couldn't get any better!

Luis Rodrigues's picture

Awesome concert last night at Lisbon, after 10 years waiting for you still ROCK :D

RenataQueiroz's picture

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease , Come to Brazil again , we miss you so much

meltemolkun's picture

I hate my country, for you don't come!!!!!! :'((( Turkey want Simple Plan! :((

ellen's picture

Dear Simple plan, can you change your Show Designer? I went on your Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax gigs and it was by one word just UGLY! You are not some small club cheap band to not rent any guy who can operate lights and other stuffs during your show. Be sure it is not about price what you pay for equipments, i am pretty sure it takes very much of money, but I ask WHY?!?!? when is there any monkey who cannot operate it well? Lights have to support band on stage, not be destroying and devasting and ruin your show. Why you dont pay ppl who can not do their job well? It is pretty sick. I think you have good band, fans love you, you can have great shows, but why you let someone devalve your music by this? At least think about...
If you dont know anyone who can do it, just ask me.. I think I will very fast name few stars behind knobs who are do it milion percent better with less equipments than I saw........ You are travelling to Europe and be sure I will going to check you again. Will you surprise me? ;)
From Germany rgs.

raymond_2's picture

FOLLOW >>>>> @o_ray_o :)

raymond_2's picture

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove SIMPLE PLAN ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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bigfan97's picture

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

carolina_12's picture

amO simple Plan EcUADor lOJa :)

Joey_4's picture

Come to southern California again!!

Jellybean's picture

Hi...... A little disapointed that you will only go to the east coast of Australia. What about the West Coast?? Please come to Perth......

jessie Cookie Chamings's picture

hey, my name is hessie.. i really want to know when simple Plan is coming back to Adeliade!!!! does anyone know.?

vita life's picture

I just don't know if I can look and comment on discussion from my ipod. If its not possible can you possible make it?

MC_BB_TEENY's picture

why does other comments are not yet post. i post five times,

kurtj17's picture

Thank you for such a great concert put on in Toronto at the Air Canada Center!!!! Love the band. My girlfriend and I had an amazing time!!

sp182's picture

a de ser algo deficil tantas cosas que expresar y ser limitados

GA280494's picture

Hi, first of all, sorry for any english errors, I am brazilian, and don't speak english really well...

So... i don't know if I am sending this message in the right place, but I don't found any way to talk directly to the band or their management, and I really don't know if you can help me, but it is VERY important for me... i want to impress a girl that I like very much, and she loves Simple Plan... I want to know if it's possible to do something special for her, something unique, to really touch her heart... I don't know exactly what, 'cos I don't know if the band can do something like this for a fan... but, please, if it's possible, send me a message.
One thing that I thought, if is possible, is post something in the home page of the site, just one day, or for a few hours, with her name, and some message, just to make something special to her and show that i really loves her... I really want to prove this for her, and it's the most amazing thing that I can do for her!

Thanks for the attention,