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Simple Plan - Summer Paradise (Australia)

Simple Plan - Summer Paradise (Australia)

Average: 4.9 (85 votes)
Posted by: Amanderz

Directed By: Mark Staubach

Directed By: Mark Staubach

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on December 13, 2011 - 10:18am
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Directed By: Mark Staubach

Average: 4.9 (85 votes)


SIMPLEPLANsavedmylife_2's picture

Fell in love! (more)

SimpleOwll's picture

This is the best video ever!

Bikbik's picture

why is that this song was not so common in asia...
even if it is so nice to hear

Anne Enriquez's picture

i remember simple plan saved my life. i remember every songs they made,they will never gonna break up ... i love simple plan!!!!!! rocks...

Ichigo's picture

This song is really doesn't like Simple Plan, but i like it :-)

ncovai's picture

I love this song since I listened the first time. I was waiting the Video.
You are amazing! I wish I could go to a show here in Spain, but I live to far from Madrid and Barcelona. You have to go to the North!
I love you, guys!

brybry1608's picture

ma chanson preferer du moment:)

by_julie's picture

Le jour où j'ai reçu l'album ( il y a quelque mois) mes oreilles ont eu toujours autant de plaisir à vous entendre, mais summer paradise était ma préféré.
Je ne suis pas très fan de la version avec Sean Paul malgré que c'est fun d'avoir les même initiale d'artiste!
En tout cas vivement votre concert au Zenith de Paris dans +/- 15 jours.
Bisous à vous

Amanda Almeida's picture

melhor musica de todos os tempos

Chrestine's picture

Très bon vidéo. Quoi dire de plus : Simple Plan et l'Australie= Superbe Combinaison WOW!! J'aime bien lorsque que Chuck tord son chandail..toujours intense :)

richii10's picture

So sweet

Loove-Simple-Plan's picture

J'adoore ! :DD

NaamSZone's picture

I love this song ! Your guys are so pretty cute ?

maggi_SP's picture

I really love the video!!
It always makes me smile like an idiot!! :)
I can't understand why people don't like it...
I think it's AWESOME!
It shows me that they're just humans! They love what they do!
That's way I love this band, this song and this video!!
? :)

kr-n's picture

simple plan !!!!!!!!!!!

SP 3 Summer Paradise's picture

i wanna go back to Australia NOW!!! Love this song! Been putting it on repeat for more than a week now!

severine_chouu's picture

I love this song.
Des barres cette vidéo !! so funny

Nadri's picture

Wooooooow, the song & video are super-mega-awesome-great! :)

ruben francisco's picture

greta song i love
simple plan forever from mexico

LovesSimplePlan's picture

I love the part where they unwind Seb & he puts his glasses on and when they try vegemite. And THANK YOU to whomever put in Pierre putting his shirt on

Karen_16's picture

My favourite song !
Simple Plan Forever !
Love from France :)

chelz's picture

love this song im so proud to be an australian. ausie ausie ausie oi oi oi

Carmen_Happiness's picture

I LOVE IT!! love from Spain :D

Joker's picture

oohhh i love it

Daro's picture

No vinieron a Argentina

mariowind's picture

Love ittt :))

dheril rana's picture


Chloey's picture

proud to be australian ;) ;) louve u guyz!

Laissan's picture

The Best music

ilovesimpleplan_7's picture

Its my favourite song!!
Love you Simple Plan!!!