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Simple Plan - Summer Paradise (Australia)

Simple Plan - Summer Paradise (Australia)

Average: 4.9 (85 votes)
Posted by: Amanderz

Directed By: Mark Staubach

Directed By: Mark Staubach

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on December 13, 2011 - 10:18am
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Directed By: Mark Staubach

Average: 4.9 (85 votes)


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J'aime trop, Pierre chante tellement bien (Y) :) ?

Daianne Aquino's picture

Great! ?

Rachgit's picture

fucking babes!

Arifka Pahan Subeki's picture

Funny Video's :)

Ana Beatriz_3's picture

Amooo muuuuuuuito! Vem pro brasil de novo, por favor )=

platycorn127's picture

Love it!

loveliefe1985's picture

love it :)

SaYra Vidal's picture

owww Genial *-*

Jason Pikyur's picture

hahaha!! Awesome!!! Sebby looks so cute :DD

simple1221's picture

pierre is so cute :">

spazekat's picture

Love it!!!!!!

French Addicted by Simple Plan's picture

Je crois que je me remet pas du moment où Pierre fait du Kung Fu sur la plage x) Encore moins de celui où y'a Chuck torse nu! (:

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Une vraie gang de gars ensemble, ça trouve toujours le moyen d'avoir du fun... ;) hehe Ma toune préférée de l'album!! =)

michaelarose101's picture

Please put on ITunes!!! Along with "Loser of the Year!"

Jess4896's picture

love the video
I was there at Sydney :)

Augustine Libau's picture

I love the Video!!!!!!

bubikiwi's picture

aww I love this song so much, omg Pierre shaking is ass made me laugh so hard

iahlovesSP's picture

so happy! :)

Nathalie Côté's picture

Hop la vie,ça remet de bonne humeur. Merci

michie's picture

this song is amazing!! you are so beatiful, please don't forget visitr Chile! I love u

Chindy Vintayana's picture

can't wait to see you guys in Jakarta-Indonesia

Chindy Vintayana's picture


Evelyn Mazzarino's picture

I loveeeed this clip! *-* so cute

OlaSPFan's picture

This is so fucking simple-plan-tastic! Amazing!

jagudka's picture

That's the most amazing video, you've ever made!!! Just love it!!!

AllyBrooks's picture

Amazing, like alwasy

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Cristina Netto's picture

That`s perfect.
But why not in Rio???
Book the concerts.
Rio de Janeiro can`t wait for you, guys! Back to us!

Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Meilleur clip de l'année

Sammy_7's picture

very awesome... =D