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Average: 4.8 (77 votes)
Posted by: Amanderz

© 2011 WMG
From the new album 'Get Your Heart On!' available now -

Directed By: Mark Staubach

© 2011 WMG
From the new album 'Get Your Heart On!'...

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on September 23, 2011 - 8:01am
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© 2011 WMG
From the new album 'Get Your Heart On!' available now -

Directed By: Mark Staubach

Average: 4.8 (77 votes)


GabrielaAstronaut's picture

loved it!!

Terry_4's picture

i love this song!

XxDeaTHwIShxX's picture

this song is sooooo awesome,
i cry every time i hear it T^T i love the lyrics

lee whiston's picture

thank you simple plan my great aunt died in april and this reminds me to keep going

Hurricaine_of_Memories's picture

who plays the astronaut? he looks rly familiar

Kristen Marie Slica's picture

Such a great song can't stop singing it :)

Florencia Saraibe's picture

'Being human is the most terrible loneliness in the Universe' best phrase ever. I'm in love with this song, in my opinion is my fav one of the album.

Bizzy's picture

Astronaut's the most beautiful song of the album and the video's just wonderful ? Well done !

Stè.P 3's picture

what a beautiful video *_* is the 1000 time I see it xD

ALEX_6's picture

It is a great song.....!!!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Eri Rueda's picture

the best song! Astronauts ROCK!

Eri Rueda's picture

Good video good song

Constance Bower's picture

J'aurais jamais pu imaginer une vidéo qui aille si bien avec l'ambiance que je me faisais de la chanson, c'est impressionant Oo Great Job !!!!!!!!!

Kim Jasper Garcia's picture

Wow! This song is my bestfriend's favorite!:)

Lilly_3's picture

I want to see this video toooo... i can't see it here in GErmany :(

"Leider ist dieses Video in Deutschland nicht verfügbar, da es Musik enthalten könnte, für die die GEMA die erforderlichen Musikrechte nicht eingeräumt hat. "

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Isabel's picture

i love this video! I love the lyrics of the song, sometimes I definitely feel like an astronaut!

Rafa Marin's picture

espero verlos en perú para ir a su concierto

Rafa Marin's picture

me gusto ç

Ghost_4's picture

guys when you going back to philippines? i am waiting for you to come back here in philippines since your last band here in philippines last 2008 i wish every night and every when i woke up for you to come back becuase i miss you band last last last year when i arrive you already gone :( becuase im not living in manila i was in cbu so i board an air plane 4 that i absent in class for 2 days just 4 u but your already gone when i got there :(

Wafa Natasya's picture

WOoW.. cool ? cant wait you in Indonesia ? Te amo SP

SimplePlaneada May Zurita's picture

The effects of this videos are the best?

SimplePlaneada May Zurita's picture


SimplePlaneada May Zurita's picture


Aline Pires's picture

(LLLLLLL) Simple Plan será bom pra sempre!

Jess_G's picture

Mtooo Boom!!! Very very great!!!!
love so much!!!

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angelccf's picture

Ce vidéo est tellement profond; j'ai des frissons à chaque fois que je le regarde...

hellpark's picture

so nice music video it

Paige_3's picture

I love it!!!!!!! One of my favorite songs out this whole album