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I'm Just A Kid (Official Video)

I'm Just A Kid (Official Video)

Average: 4.9 (23 votes)
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SP WebCrew

© 2005 WMG
I'm Just A Kid (Video) Single Version Audio

© 2005 WMG
I'm Just A Kid (Video) Single Version Audio...

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on April 26, 2011 - 8:00pm
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© 2005 WMG
I'm Just A Kid (Video) Single Version Audio

Average: 4.9 (23 votes)


Serena_Smith0908's picture

this song is very true and i connect with it in so many ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Novalda_Y's picture

my boyfriend like it! :D

Spazzy Kat's picture

I love this vid!

Paulita's picture

hahaha I never get tired of watching this video! Love SP!!

RomeoLewisHechanovaTan's picture

david looks better here than now.PEACE

comeau_bouvier's picture

hahaha one thing for this song.!!!(: A W E S O M E.!!!! Pd. David looks great with this style.!!((:

lety95astronaut's picture

I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare.... No wait! i´ve your music! The life is NICE! :D

Jéssie_3's picture

I love to see it over and over again... u're so young, but still the best band ever for me

spwright's picture

omg u guys look young bring me back too me young days love it :)

David&#039;s Wife's picture

I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare
I'm just a kid I know that it's not fair

D&#039;Arcy Yatie's picture

It's weird,but I felt somethin' when 1st time I saw this video but I forget about that because I have a bf that time.And now I kept watchin' it to recalled my feeling that time.;) I felt excited,I felt fun,felt young and I saw him.

inSwirl's picture

So perfect, *o*

D&#039;Arcy Yatie's picture

I seen The New Guy,that's how I met you guys back then.

Marc Seda's picture

I love this song!! :)

Valeria Basuki's picture

#np - song from @simpleplan music - @valeriarestfas :)

SMPLPLN4EVVER3's picture


Daniela_2's picture

awesome song and awesome video...I love SP

ilymt's picture

i still want that shirt!

ilymt's picture

awesome song...they look so young but at the same time the exact same!!!

Gab Tañedo's picture

so tragic ..

Alba1234's picture

Me encanta este vídeo clip lo peta jajaja y la canción me encanta tambien :D

priz azure's picture

hahaha,, poor luck continued ..
funny .. xD

royboy27's picture

I love this song :)

MarieBBD's picture

Oh elle date celle là ^^ le clip est vraiment sympa sans compter l'apparition d'Eliza Dushku.
C'est plutot cool de voir l'évolution du groupe au fil des albums =)

IloveSimplePlan_2's picture

I love this song !! It's very funny...
Greetings from Argentina!!

LoOpXy's picture

and i have to let you know... that even if i loved your music before seeing this vid... i fell in love with all of you after seeing it...

LoOpXy's picture


MsVampireVoodoo's picture

A Awezome song by a awezome band! ^-^

MaRiA 3 SP forever's picture

omg!. raelly funny video and my best video

mencar1686's picture

ohhhh je me souviens la première fois.... une merveilleuse découverte... on vous a vu évoluer au fil des ans .... et j'espère que ça va continuer pour un p'tit moment... j'adore votre musique et votre engagement envers ceux et celles qui vous suivent....lâchez pas les