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Summer Paradise Video Shoot

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Posted by Amanderz

Photo by Chady



Uchi Lefebvre's picture

who's those bitches? -_-'

dandesrosiers's picture

i'm sooooooooo jealous! :((((((((((((((

AstronautSelle's picture

Seeeeeebbbyyyy! :D

Alice Maria's picture

OMG! I wanted to be there...

Days's picture

Seb looks like a ladies man. Is that David with the light red shorts?

Clem Cranberry's picture


Filipa Cardoso's picture

lucky girls x3 i love you seb ^^

Mariana_13's picture

Lucky girls!!

x0k.m_loves_sp's picture

Looking good Sebastien!

Pow's picture

La classe, tu l'as ou pas. Bon, il s’avère que Seb l'a ;-p

CrisleaneTp's picture

queria esta ai :( ... :)

Mouchitta's picture

Lucky girls!!

cwojo18's picture

Love this pic. The pinkish redish swim trunks, the grape juice. Seb on the guitar... Awsome... Just wish I was one of those girls... I would die.. Love u guys so much!

Laly ♥'s picture

I want it too! @o@ ? !!!

mariamargaretha's picture

i wanna be the one of those lucky girls .___.

NickGunnar's picture

"Seb's Paradise" by "Simple Plan" feat. "Sean Paul"
SP x 3 ~

Tefi.G's picture

So gorgeous ?

Charlie_Percussion's picture

haha, nice guitar

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Dominika Fojutowska's picture

cant wait for the video!

Bitterblue's picture

So Seb.... what about your summer paradise?? you enjoy being here?? xD

Léa T.Lefebvre's picture

Tu dragues bien j'espère pour toi! :3 *Jalousie quand tu nous prends*

Anne Enriquez's picture

lucky girls... haha seb ilove you!!!!

IzzieSolis's picture

Oh seb. Getting his wheelz on

danni Crvants d' Bouvier's picture

ok.. I dont like this.! ¬¬ [i only like seb] ^^ LOL

NickGunnar's picture

Wow... what a paradise for Sebastian. Are you sure this is Summer Paradise for Sebastian =)

Dania's picture

Seb always so hot... :3

Bacon's picture

Lucky Sebastien

Tam VM's picture

yeah, that's every guy pardise

Aiyana J. Harris's picture

The guy wearign the pink swim trunks. At first I thought he was a chick with extremely hairy legs. XD I feel stupid now.