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Summer Paradise Video Shoot

Summer Paradise Video Shoot
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Posted by Amanderz

Photo by Chady

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Tam VM's picture

yeah, that's every guy pardise

Aiyana J. Harris's picture

The guy wearign the pink swim trunks. At first I thought he was a chick with extremely hairy legs. XD I feel stupid now.

kaitlyn's picture

why does Pierre have grape juice?

Sophiesue's picture

oh nice Seb ;P
is that David and Pierre i can see on the right ;)

LeslieA's picture

L'un de vous s'est trouvé une copine?! Psq les filles sont vraiment belles! :D
Séb...trop mignon.!!!!! ?o? Vous avez l'air d'avoir pris du bon temps, ça vous a fait du bien j'espère. ;D

Romina Vivot's picture

I wanna be there too! You look great sebby!

LexieLefebvre's picture


omgsimpleplan's picture

Oh Seb , you are beautiful ?

Patyto_SP's picture

Sebbyyyyy! :)

MonicaSP's picture

T'es content à ce que je vois ?!
(T''es très beau sur cette photo ! :D)

Sonia's picture

You seem to have fun Seb :D

SPAstronaut_2's picture

I just can't wait to see the video!! See you in 3 days

lexie18's picture

seb-astronaut's picture

*-* beautiful seb?

Kay_Olina's picture

I love this photo ?

Jane_SP's picture

Ooooh, Sebby ?D

May_Peres's picture

WTF Pierre with grape juice.

Jane_SP's picture

Ooooh, Sebby ?D

alicia_7's picture

He is so hoooooooooooot !!!

Lucia_SP's picture

Seebbb!!!! :D
Return the guitar to pierre!!! bad boy!!!! xD