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Do you want a little preview of the #SummerParadise video??

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Posted by Chuck


Guiliano Fittipaldie's picture

Don't be "galau" please! :D

splover4896's picture

So pretty

Rome SP's picture

listening to music of SP and seeing thig great pic. of pierre...
the best evening *-*

Miss Juune's picture

So nice!!! *_*
i would be there too! xD

Laly ♥'s picture

Beautiful landscape :)

mariamargaretha's picture

i think it's gonna be so romantic :')

hamssalovessimpleplan3's picture

that is just wonderful..

Jynii stinco lefebvre's picture

Beautiful I love You #SummerParadise? .?

Mandy Mayer's picture

Um sonho estar na praia com o Pierre ?

Bea Eloriaga's picture

The effect mixes beautifully with the picture. The mood is even present just by looking at it. I love this one so much

im.SPAstronaaut's picture

woow ths pic is beautiful!!! *-* i wanna see the video!!1

LeslieA's picture

Ohh mon Dieu, quel Paradis *.*
D'accord avec Lara, que demander de mieux?
où se passe le tournage please? ;D
On vous aiiime !!?

Christin Pedrosa's picture

wow... for sure, this video gonna be so great... can't wait to see all of you guys :)

Jayne.Y's picture

This is going to be a great video........I CAN FEEL IT! :D

mayasari's picture

suddenly the song comes to my head when i saw the picture haha

danni Crvants d' Bouvier's picture

cant waiit..!! ^^

lovinSP's picture

I'm so excited! Can't wait to see it :)

Kat23's picture

I can't wait for the vid!!

Pau Bouvier's picture

asfsdgalkshlskjdfhlaskjdf I can't wait *^*

Juliemary's picture

so so so awesome !

Seftratocaster's picture


Thata's picture

Awesome! can't waittthhhh :D xx

Lara. ♥'s picture

Cette photo est tout simplement magnifque ! Une guitare, Pierre, une plage, un coucher de soleil. Que demander de mieux ? :D

Camila_12's picture

It's perfect!!!!

KamoloveSP's picture

Yeeeeeaaaah beau gosse !!!!!!!

Diane Marie's picture

Excited to watch it !!!

INCREDIBLE SP Keval's picture

Impatiently waiting for this BIG THING....!! \m/

Dania's picture

when is the premiere of the video???????

Venty's picture

Je ne peux pas attender le video #SummerParadise... :)

SPGirl18's picture